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This movie is not that bad. I admit, seeing the trailers for it earlier this year was out of left field, but it’s a solid flick similar to The Mummy franchise. The only difference is that the characters are Egyptian gods instead of Brendan Frazier and mummies. Oh… and there’s also that backlash for having mostly white actors playing Egyptian gods.

Sidebar: It’s becoming pretty common and more frequent than ever before for people to raise a stink about anything. The Internet has made it easier. This movie definitely deserves the ire of the masses. Having said that, this movie is an easy target, artistic license and all. The real injustices of the world are hiding in plain sight from arm chair activist, out of reach.

For some reason, everyone in the movie spoke a distinct British English-ish accent, more commonly found in period movies to show this is set in the past. Gerard Butler, playing as the god Set, just went with his Scottish accent.

It was nice seeing a movie based on non-Greek mythology. They touched on the Egyptian creation mythology with the Sun god Ra riding his winged airship high up in the sky dragging a huge ball of fire (the Sun) on a flat Ancient Egypt and keeping Apophis, The ancient Egyptian deity embodying chaos, at bay every night with his trust staff that shoots lava laser. You can definitely see the parallels this has on Greek mythology and ideas/concepts that western religion borrowed (the dead souls must face a row of judges and the head judge, where their life is put on a balance, before they live in immortality in the afterlife).

Cultural appropriation and white washing aside, I liked this movie for what it is: A summer blockbuster shown in February with great potential and poor execution.

Spoiler Alert: Gerard Butler is the bad guy.

I’m done.


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