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Perspective   Leave a comment

Life overwhelms you sometimes. Work, relationships, family, finances… things can get stressful and make you worry. But it’s all about perception.

You could feel like you’re worried with what’s next in your life. But you probably don’t realize you’re already in the middle of what you used to look forward to.

Count your blessings. Look at what you’ve accomplished. Realize where you’re at right now. You can do this.

I’m done.


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The Myers Briggs Personality Test   Leave a comment

We’ve all seen it. Your friends have probably posted about it. You probably have taken the test yourself. I tried several years ago, but stopped halfway through cause it was too long. Well, I finally took it.

What’s interesting about this is that after receiving the initial result, I took it again a week later to see if I would get the same result. I don’t remember most of the questions nor do I remember all my responses for each (having 7 choices on a scale of whether you agree or disagree). I still got the same result and I think it captured my essence somewhat.

I’m an INFP-T: Introverted (I), Intuitive (N), Feeling (F), Prospective (P), and Turbulent (T).

  • Type: Turbulent Mediator
  • Code: INFP-T
  • Role: Diplomat
  • Strategy: Constant Improvement

I’m done.

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Facing My Own Mortality   Leave a comment

I recently found out that a batch mate from elementary school recently passed away last week. One of our classmate informed our Facebook group of the sad news. They said it was a heart attack. He’s so young and it was all so sudden. He leaves a wife and child, probably still 4-5 years old. We had another classmate our age who passed away 5 years ago from a heart attack as well.

I guess I’m at that point where I’ll expect sad news from people my age passing away. I usually end up thinking about this stuff past midnight when I’m trying to fall asleep in bed and can’t. But this brings the topic in the forefront. Not just for my own mortality, but everyone else’s. We don’t know what we don’t know. That’s what makes it scary. And every person has had moments in their life where they come to grips with it and deal with it on their own, compartmentalizing the issue into boxes inside boxes in our heads and keep trudging on with the drudgery of life. We move forward. We create. We make art. We dance. We sing. We laugh. We cry. We innovate. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. We enjoy the time we have with the people we love and care about. We meet new people. We stay friends. Break up. Reconcile. Move forward. We live.

I’m done.

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Memories from My Mix CD   Leave a comment

A coworker reminded me of the songs I listened to from college. I kept searching for it on Spotify, Pandora, and even Apple Music, but it appears the band’s album pre-2006 are not available for digital download/streaming. Tonight I couldn’t sleep and decided to dig up my CD Case wallet somewhere in my room. I still have mixes from 2000 in high school. The song is on YouTube and I even uploaded a Final Fantasy X music video of it using the song on my channel. I forgot if the song was even included in my mixes and I just wanted find out.

Mix 8 holds F.I.R.’s Our Love. I created this back in 2005-2006. This kind of became our theme song, my ex and I. I still have the song as one of my ringtones. I don’t have the song in my music library for sentimental reason. Listening to it again brings back memories and revisits old wounds. That’s how good this song is. It’s funny how songs bind itself to significant events in your life. It’s a very sentimental song about a love that is no longer there. It was odd being our theme song then, but at the same time, fitting.

It’s been over 10 years since my break up. I’ve moved forward. So did she. I hold no animosity towards the whole thing. I was dumb. Trash, really. I wish her the best and all the happiness in the world.

I’m done.

Posted July 17, 2019 by StupidSystemus in Musings, Personal

A Value Add   Leave a comment

I watched the latest episode on the current season of Billions, a Showtime network drama about the high-stakes world of hedge fund management and the corruption that the government is fighting both inside and out. Of the several ongoing storylines in the episode, two addressed the subject of a “value add.”

Bobby Axelrod, one of the main cast, partnered with a CEO for a joint venture with his Axe Capital company after learning of shady tactics involving undocumented immigrants on the custodial company, propping himself up as a “value add” only to screw over another hedge fund CEO for revenge. The company’s market value doubles from underhanded methods.

The second storyline involves a recently fired former Axe Capital employee seeking help from a friend, Mafee, who left Axe Capital to join the competition. Mafee informs his boss, Taylor Mason, of bringing onboard his friend. Taylor lets Mafee know that it is his decision and they trust him what’s best for the company. Mafee declines to hire his friend over drinks. He states that he does not think he’s better than his friend, but that he’s better at his job. His friend was a low performer at Axe Capital and he can’t justify hiring him.

This brings me to what happened at work. I just learned that a former team member who was removed from our project, under direction from our client, is no longer with the company. His last involvement with the project was two months ago. Management wanted to staff him with another project, but that didn’t happened. A few weeks after that, his access to the client machine expired and wasn’t renewed. He’s been spending most of his time on one of the company kiosk computers. I don’t know what he was doing, but he should have been looking for other jobs within the company or taking skill courses online for self-improvement. I don’t think he used that time wisely. That probably wouldn’t have changed anything, though.

He barely made any contribution to the team. He didn’t complete many of the assigned tasks or have too many excuses on why it’s taking so long. He also asked the client team on possibly working a few hours on the weekend, which meant working less than 8 hours on some days during the work week. That probably wasn’t well-received, especially for our line of work (what could you possibly do for a few hours on weekends that you can’t do during the work week?). That’s probably the last nail in the coffin and grounds for removal from the project. On the last week with the project, he made some updates which another team member was already working on to begin with, but it was too late. There’s no escaping the situation if the client does not see your value to the project.

A former team member (former team lead) early on was also removed from our project under direction from our client. That former team member was already working on another project so he’s safe. That former team member helped in bringing the recently laid-off co-worker onboard and are friends. That probably reflected badly on him. So it’s making me think twice about bringing a friend onboard the company. I have to be sure they are up to the task even if they are good people.

I’m done.

Posted March 26, 2019 by StupidSystemus in Musings

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