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Your Grandparents’ Language   Leave a comment

I grew up with English, Cebuano (Visayan), and Tagalog spoken interchangeably around me. At an early age, I was accustomed to Visaya and English. In the 1st grade, Tagalog (Filipino) was taught as one of the subjects along with English. Having moved to the US, I’m more fluent now in English than Visaya (which we continue to speak in the house). I can still read Tagalog, but it requires more concentration on my part and digging deep to form a simple phrase coherent phrase.

My cousin and her family are now in the Philippines and visited my uncle. It’s the first time her toddler and baby have met their grandpa. I was looking through their pictures posted on Facebook and one of my uncle’s friends commented in deeply-rooted Visayan, which is like almost comparable to modern English and Old English. I could barely understand some of the words. It reminded me of my grandpa’s toast during my other uncle’s wedding, in which he spoke in old Visayan as well.

Spoken Visaya varies from region to region. The common thing between them is that it now has more borrowed words and phrases from Tagalog and English to make it easier to talk to everyone. It’s pretty much how modern and spoken English has evolved, with borrowed words and terms from other languages around the world. This is what makes English so hard to learn from speakers of other languages: it’s not consistent.

I read somewhere during the 2018 Winter Olympics that the joint North and South Korea women’s ice hockey teams needed English translators and a list of different vocabularies to understand each other. Almost 70 years since the split that their common language usage have diverged significantly.

I wonder how language will evolve in the next 50 years. Will we still talk to each other in English or emojis? Will we be communicating in image macros and memes?

I’m done.


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Outlook on Job/Health Security   Leave a comment

Besides summer jobs in high school and college, I officially joined the workforce when Obama was sworn in as President in 2009.

Pay was alright for an entry level job. Not as much as the average salary people in my major were making, but it was something to get my foot in the door, start accumulating experience. Health insurance was alright. High deductible unlike my mom’s insurance at her job, which covered and paid for everything.

Lots of changes have been made since then: overtime pay, work permits for foreign nationals, Affordable Care Act, etc.

Within a year of the new administration, all of these have been demolished. Reduced budget. Removed. Repealed. At least about to be.

Tom Brokaw on NBC used to run a segment called “The Fleecing of America.” It was a series of segments “exposing cases of waste and fraud that victimize individuals or the general public.” Most of them were done behind doors. I didn’t think we’d see a national example currently in progress out in the open.

This affects everyone in the middle class. This includes everyone who thinks they are part of the 1% but are really in the middle class.

How do we change this besides a full blown coup or revolution? Informed voting seems to be out the window. The GOP appeals to the disenfranchised, presenting themselves as their savior, propagating class, religion, and racial warfare, and screws them over anyway. The Democrats, too, are mobilizing their efforts, appealing to social change, presenting themselves as the voice of reason, and an implied air of superiority as the intellectual.

How do you reach everyone, turning them into informed voters, without alienating and/or belittling their way of life? When education, now a luxury controlled by greedy corporations and institutions, is an informed people still possible?

I’m done.

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Romanticizing ‘Moving Out of Town’   Leave a comment

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world
She took the midnight train going anywhere
Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit
He took the midnight train going anywhere
~ Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

Just about anyone I know has either moved out of their town or state for a better life or planning/dreaming of moving out of town. Heck, my family and I left the Philippines for the US in the 90s. My mom was offered a job and it was our ticket way out of our previous predicament. She lucked out with her choices, worked hard to provide for us siblings. We benefited a lot and will forever be thankful for it. Since I came here at a young age, this is now my hometown.

I have friends who left and friends who plan or dream of leaving. They don’t like their hometown. Not sure if it’s the town/state they are distancing from. Maybe it’s a family thing. Maybe it’s both. They want to leave town because it’s bad, no opportunities, and to be away from bad blood (family, friends, etc.). It has never dawned on me wanting to leave my hometown. I don’t hate it. I have every opportunity available to me. It’s not Minnesota or upstate New York cold. It’s no Southern hot, either. The Goldilocks zone. I sometimes think of living in another state up north or the West Coast. They’re more musings than some prime desire to leave. It tends to be some sort of rite of passage in American culture, to spread your wings and fly. It’s an adventurous and exciting premise completely devoid of responsibilities we face on a daily basis.

For others, they have every reason to leave their hometown.

For me, for now, for the foreseeable future, I’m good.

I’m done.


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Wading Through   Leave a comment

Social media is at its peak every day and it just keeps growing. It can be overwhelming. I don’t think our brain was built to handle all this constant stimuli.

Give yourself a break from time to time.

Learn to filter the noise.

Most importantly,


I’m done.

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Erik Satie – GymnopĂ©die No.1   Leave a comment


Sometimes no matter how many friends you have in your life you’ll come to a realization that you’re completely alone. You always will be and that’s okay. It’s not about relationships or significant others.

It’s just that no one can better understand you but you. No one quite understands your dreams. They pretend to, they sympathize and speculate with you, but you know, that one day when you finally stand on that hot Martian surface, or when you savor that moment before a speech at that long awaited awards ceremony, you’ll look down.

You’ll see the carefully polished floor underneath your snug fitting dress shoes, the red Martian dirt shifting under the weight of your boots, and it will just be you, your shoes, and no one else. Silence.

Above all else we seek acceptance and understanding. In the end we can only accept ourselves and understand our own condition.

I’m done.

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