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Xanga 2.0 is a Go!   10 comments

Here’s a summary:

  • John released a video showing what Xanga 2.0 looks like.
  • All Xanga usernames have been migrated to Xanga 2.0.
  • All blog content from current Lifetime/Premium Xangans have been fully migrated (that includes comments on people’s pages).
  • They are currently importing blogs of those who contributed to the fundraiser.
  • They are also migrating every single photo that Xangans have uploaded to the new server.
  • John is donating $10K to the fundraiser, therefore, lowering the goal to $50K.
  • John convinced their network facilities to extend the lease.
  • Fundraiser extended to end of August to allow more non-Premium/Lifetime Xangans to contribute and have their blog migrated.
  • Fundraiser still needs to reach $50K by end of August.
  • Current count as of 7:04AM Eastern Time today: $47,941. Needs $2059 to reach $50K.

After John finally released that video of what Xanga 2.0 would be like and some more info on buying additional servers, everything clicked. Xanga 2.0 will not, I repeat, NOT have the same upgrade plans as

Using the WordPress software, the XangaTeam (since they are not answering) may have enabled Multisite., itself, is a WordPress Multisite. WordPress Multisite allows you to build your own blogging community. That’s where Xanga 2.0 comes in the picture. Building a new and improved Xanga software would have taken years. So they use the open-source alternative and beautify it. It’s cheaper and faster to build.

We get all the functionality that premium users get for half the price. And, since they are customizing the software for Xanga, they might as well add all the Xanga functions we’ve come to enjoy for years. This fundraiser is really for all the initial migration and start-up costs, upkeep and paying the web developers and network admins.

There are times when you get proven wrong and you slap yourself upside the head. This, for me, is one of those times. Then again, I can’t blame all the dissenters for the past two months. Maybe it’s the fact that I work in the same field that I’m starting to see the full picture, but the Xanga Team badly needed someone to properly convey this info from the get-go.

I’m done.