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DC Weekend w/ the Fam (November 2018)   Leave a comment

Final found time to upload this.

Early November, family and I went to DC. We walked from L’Enfant Plaza to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, crossing the National Mall. Afterwards, we walked the opposite way towards the Wharf to eat and hang out for a bit.

Beyond Good and Evil – Thoughtful Reflections

I’m done.


Unused Footage from Otakon (2009-2017)   Leave a comment

I’ve been recording videos on/off at Otakon since 2009. These are the clips that were cut from videos I posted online.

00:05 – 2009
01:10 – 2011
02:54 – 2012
13:13 – 2013
15:01 – 2014
15:58 – 2017

Ectisity – Distorted Sakura

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