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Dimash – S.O.S. d’un Terrien en détresse   Leave a comment

Apparently I missed out on Dimash last year.

He’s a Kazakh singer with a heavenly, angelic voice. Probably the highest range I’ve ever heard from any male singers. He’s been singing at a young age in his native country. He became popular around the world when he joined a singing competition in China in 2017.

Here is the first song he sang.

S.O.S. from a distressed human being (A Soul’s Plea for Help)

[English Translation]

Why do I live, Why do I die
Why do I laugh, Why do I cry
Here is the S.O.S. of an earthling in distress

My feet were never on the ground
I’d rather be a bird
I don’t fit my skin

I’d like to see the world upside down
If it’s more beautiful
As seen from above, above

I always seemed to confuse life
With comics strips
I’m so eager to metamorphose
I feel something
Drawing me, drawing me
Drawing me to the top

At the universe’s lottery
I didn’t pull the right number
I don’t fit my skin

I don’t want to be a robot
All work and no sleep

Why do I live, why do I die
Why do I laugh, why do I cry
I think I’m picking up
Waves from another world

My feet were never on the ground
I’d much rather be a bird
I don’t fit my skin

I’d like to see the world upside down
I’d much rather be a bird
Back to sleep, dear child…

I’m done.


Birthday Weekend   Leave a comment

Eight years ago on my birthday weekend, I was snowed in with my mom. We shoveled out of the driveway on my birthday. My dad was on call at work to help neighborhoods affected by the snow. Sibling One was at their apartment and Sibling Two in college in the dorm. We celebrated my birthday on a Friday that week after the snow storm.

It was raining the whole weekend. Watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle with mom and dad. It held the number one spot at the box office four weeks in a row. We joked it was a sign that we should watch the movie after avoiding it and watching other bad movies instead.

Two weeks prior, Sibling Two treated the family to Iron Age, a Korean BBQ buffet grill. To keep it different, we celebrated my birthday at Seasons 52 with their rotating seasonal and calorie friendly menu. Went home to blow out the candles on my birthday cake and opened my gifts.

It’s been a tradition with my family to send an Amazon wishlist of gift suggestions prior to our birthdays or Christmas. My dad is more carefree and is content with Best Buy gift cards. At lowest priority, I put down the LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V set. Parents bought it 🙂


At 1969 pieces, this will the biggest set I’ve ever built when I get to it.

Overall, it’s been a chill birthday weekend. Just as I like it.

I’m done.

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Bad Dreams Again   2 comments

Just woke up from a bad dream. Tired so went to sleep early, but now up. Hate how dreams are litmus tests sometimes on how you would react to a situation and it’s so awful. I went through this years before my father died when he was already sick and gets hospitalized for complications.

Anyway, the dream started with me staying late at work. Had my co-workers there, too. The sky gets dark and the clouds started swirling and dipping closer to the ground. Ran back inside and it was a full-blown storm-like scenario with tornadoes everywhere. For some reason, the dark clouds have some sort of lint, or possibly candy, confetti in each cloud hump. A lot of thing went haywire, including a man who serviced my car and made it pink after the storm.

Was walking around the area in the dream and three teen-looking kids walk towards in a coordinated move to steal something. One of them purposely tried grab the wallet on the right pants pocket. The other, swipe car keys on the left. Moved around, looked at them, and yelled no. They were pretty happy with what they did. Went to my car and the key wouldn’t work. The whole hunt was replaced with rubber. The car wasn’t mine as well with sticker decals. This was the part get made me anxious in the dream. Tried reviewing how the keys were swiped. Then thought about everything that needs to be replaced.

Still had my wallet so I was fine. It was the car itself and possibly my smart phone in the car.

It was also then I realized I’m in a dream and I forced myself to wake up by yelling. So glad it was a dream. Combination of last week’s weather, car in the shop for repairs, and the show “The Chi” might have something to do about it.

I’m done.


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My YouTube   Leave a comment

I’ve had my YouTube channel since March 2006. I posted videos from time to time. After a few years, I was eligible to post videos longer than 15 minutes. Then I verified my account in the background and the channel was eligible for monetization and I became a YouTube Partner.

The cool thing about these are that it allowed you to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. By verifying, it allowed you to upload custom thumbnails. By enabling monetization and becoming a YouTube Partner, I could schedule when my videos would be published.

I just uploaded random videos of vacations, karaoke, and building LEGO sets for fun. When I reached 100 subscribers, I was able to add a custom URL (

There is no set theme for my channel, but I do like creating time lapse vids of me building LEGO sets. I’ve incorporated gaming videos when I learned how to do that for console. I still post random videos from time to time.

Last year, YouTube made a requirement for channels to have 10,000 lifetime views to be eligible for YouTube Partner Program. On January 16, 2018, with the recent problems plaguing YouTube (Adpocalypse 1.0, 2.0, Logan Paul), in response, YouTube sent emails to small time content creators informing them that unless they have 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers, they will lose all monetization tools and features within the YouTube Partner Program. They have until February 20, 2018 to surpass that threshold.

With my generous 250+ subscribers, my channel makes about $5-7/month. It’s peanuts compared to how much these other channels make, but it puts a smile to my face and keeps me making videos when I can. I don’t speak for all creators, but that small amount is probably what keeps them going and making videos as well. That small amount is enough to justify pouring your time effort to grow your channel.

YouTube’s response to the adpocalypse and their golden boy uploading a video of a dead body on Aokigahara is to punish tons of small time creators. They’re just telling us they care about him and not about the rest of us cause he brings in a looooooooot of money. Can you imagine if websites that relied on page clicks get the same treatment? This just reinforces clickbait content and creating controversy to increase watchtime from creators.

This whole thing sucks. It’s demoralizing.

At the same time, I never set out to make money on Youtube. I only enabled monetization because of the features that come with them. I hope they don’t go away. I love making videos.

I’m done.


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LEGO Architecture – LEGO® House   Leave a comment

My last video for 2017.

Even though this is officially part of the LEGO Architecture line, the set is sold exclusively by surrounding stores in Billund, Denmark starting in 2017 commemorating the opening of the LEGO House in September.

Construction started in 2014. The building officially opened in September 28th, 2017. The building functions as part public art piece, tourist attraction, LEGO store, cafe, and with roughly 20,000 square feet set aside for open space.

21037 – LEGO Architecture – LEGO® House

From the very beginning, the ambition with LEGO® House was to create a unique and inspiring, hands-on and minds-on experience, where LEGO fans of all ages could learn all
about the company and the endless play possibilities offered by LEGO bricks.

It was quickly agreed that the right location would be in the center of Billund. This is where the LEGO story started almost 90 years ago and the town still serves as the global
headquarters of the LEGO Group. Then came the task of finding a partner who could design a distinctive building that would become an integral part of the LEGO House experience.

The idea for the LEGO® House was to create “a cloud of interlocking LEGO bricks… a literal manifestation of the infinite possibilities of the LEGO brick.” 21 white bricks would be stacked on top of each other and be crowned by the Keystone, which would be inspired by the classic eight-knob LEGO brick.

These huge bricks will not only form internal spaces for LEGO House activities, but also create a covered public square and a series of interconnected terraces and playgrounds for people to investigate and enjoy. In this way, the LEGO House will be enjoyed both by fans who came to experience the LEGO story and by local citizens and visitors to the town of Billund.

I’m done.