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LEGO Architecture – Statue of Liberty   Leave a comment

“True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.”

This set took about 6 hours to make spread across two days. The Statue of Liberty was recently featured in the LEGO Architecture – New York City Skyline series in 2016, comprising of a several LEGO blocks a micro green minifig. This 2018 set is the most detailed LEGO Architecture set so far at 1,685 pieces.

21042 – LEGO Architecture – Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States, and has since become a universal symbol of freedom and democracy throughout the world. Dedicated on the 28th of October 1886, she was often the first thing people saw as they sailed into New York’s harbor to start a new life in America.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault – Main Theme
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault – Main Theme
Medal of Honor: European Assault – Dogs of War (Main Theme)

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South Park – The Bus Stop   Leave a comment

In Fall 2017, McFarlane Toys released the South Park Construction Sets. Here’s the iconic bus stop.

12876 – South Park Construction Sets – The Bus Stop

South Park: The Game (1999) – Roaming

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South Park – Mr. Garrison’s Classroom   Leave a comment

In Fall 2017, McFarlane Toys released the South Park Construction Sets. Here’s Mr. Garrison’s Classroom.

12899 – South Park Construction Sets – Mr. Garrison’s Classroom

South Park: The Stick of Truth – Counselor’s Office (Elementary School) Music Theme

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Funko POP! Marvel – Deadpool Unboxing   Leave a comment

Deadpool 2 is now out in theaters. Enjoy the unboxing of this Deadpool Funko Pop! figure.

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Hit the Floor   1 comment

“So many people like me walk on eggshells all they long. All I know is that all I want is to feel like I’m not stepped on.” – Linkin Park

It’s not a way to live. So don’t spread it onto others.

Stop projecting your assumptions on what you think happened vs. what actually happened.

Not everything has to be bad. Know the difference.

Don’t be baited into getting upset for things out of context.

Don’t ruin your mood and your day. You can control what’s offensive by seeing the full picture.

Don’t be that guy. There are too many in the world. Don’t be an unnecessary asshole to others just because you had a bad day.

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