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Eight years ago on my birthday weekend, I was snowed in with my mom. We shoveled out of the driveway on my birthday. My dad was on call at work to help neighborhoods affected by the snow. Sibling One was at their apartment and Sibling Two in college in the dorm. We celebrated my birthday on a Friday that week after the snow storm.

It was raining the whole weekend. Watched Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle with mom and dad. It held the number one spot at the box office four weeks in a row. We joked it was a sign that we should watch the movie after avoiding it and watching other bad movies instead.

Two weeks prior, Sibling Two treated the family to Iron Age, a Korean BBQ buffet grill. To keep it different, we celebrated my birthday at Seasons 52 with their rotating seasonal and calorie friendly menu. Went home to blow out the candles on my birthday cake and opened my gifts.

It’s been a tradition with my family to send an Amazon wishlist of gift suggestions prior to our birthdays or Christmas. My dad is more carefree and is content with Best Buy gift cards. At lowest priority, I put down the LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V set. Parents bought it 🙂


At 1969 pieces, this will the biggest set I’ve ever built when I get to it.

Overall, it’s been a chill birthday weekend. Just as I like it.

I’m done.


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