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Nanoblock – Statue of Liberty   Leave a comment

I believe I bought this in 2015. I finally found time to build it. This took two hours.

Construction of Lady Liberty began in 1870 but was delayed many times due to fundraising issues. While the rest of the statue was still being designed, the head and the torch holding arm toured the world in an effort to gain support for the completion of the statue. After many fundraising efforts, including one by Joseph Pulizer, the publisher of the New York World paper, the statue was dedicated on October 28, 1886.

Today, a ferry service is provided to take tourists out to visit the statue, Provided it is not being renovated, tourists can stop by the museum housed in the pedestal and if they are feeling particularly athletic, climb the staircase all the way to the observatory in the crown.

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LEGO® House (2014 Special Edition)   Leave a comment

This special edition set was only sold by surrounding stores in Billund, Denmark in 2014 to promote the LEGO House. It’s designed to fit in with the Architecture theme, but not an official part of it.

Construction started in 2014. The building officially opened in September 28th, 2017. The building functions as part public art piece, tourist attraction, LEGO store, cafe, and with roughly 20,000 square feet set aside for open space.

Billund – the Capital of Children

LEGO® House is being built at the heart of Billund and is an important step in the vision of developing Billund into a Capital of Children. The dream is to make Billund a venue for children as well as a centre for spreading knowledge about creativity, play and learning.

LEGO House will offer Billund’s city centre a unique attraction, create new and exciting spaces to meet and help make the city more vibrant.

Around LEGO House, new public spaces for play, staying and commercial activities will be created. Inside the building, a large, covered space with easy access will create a rich and interesting focal point for citizens of Billund, visitors and guests of LEGO House.

LEGO House is an attraction in itself, and the building’s rooftop terraces will be accessible both from within and from the outside, creating completely new environments and vantage points.

Architectural idea

The architectural main purpose is to organise the building functions into 21 white bricks, enclosing the indoor space, stacked on top of each other and completed by the fantastic Keystone Gallery, which is inspired by the classic eight-knob LEGO® brick.

Visitors will experience the brick concept throughout the building.

On the ground floor, the bricks around the indoor activity space will feature all functions. Spectacular front stairs will lead up to all the experiences with a bridge, ramps and stairways connecting the various bricks.

LEGO House features disabled access and will be easily accessible for all. Regardless of where the guests are in the house, interior windows and clear lines of sight ensure that they always know where they are, where they come from, and where they are going.

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Kubros – Hellboy   Leave a comment

There will be a Hellboy reboot coming out in 2018. I was hoping to see a sequel made after The Golden Army, but it’s not meant to be. Hopefully the new movie is pretty good.

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