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My Injuries Come In Twos   Leave a comment

Last Friday, I lost my footing going up the stairs with my left foot. I caught myself with my right arm on the railing and the angle dislocated my shoulder again. It’s been two years since the last episode, so this was extra painful. I reduced it by lifting my right arm with my left over my head and pulled. It’s pain that makes you feel like fainting (tingling all over, vision gets blurry on and off like blood is rushing out of your head). Shoulder is fine now.

Come Monday morning, I woke up with pain on my left big toe. It was bearable on my way to work. It started to get painful when I got out of my car, heading to work. It feels like I sprained my big toe. I don’t remember hitting it yesterday or this morning. It’s possible it got hyperextended when I lost my footing on Friday and it just got worse for the last three days. Maybe I hit it this morning and just forgot because I just woke up.

Went to urgent care after work. They took X-rays. No fracture so that’s good. Physician couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause. She would test for gout, but they don’t do that at urgent care. Assuming it’s a sprain or possible turf toe, I just need to ice it for 15-20 minutes several times a day and keep it immobilized as much as I can. Physician also prescribed me Ultram for the pain cause I’m allergic to Advil and any aspirin. If the swelling is not going away and it’s red, it’s an ER issue for possible infection.

I’m getting old.

I’m done.


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