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One Less Thing To Worry About   Leave a comment

One thing I learned in college is that procrastination is a double-edged sword. You can hold off on doing homework, studying, or coding projects until the last few days before the deadline provided that you know the subject matter well enough. If not, you’ll struggle and pile on stress.

Stress is almost normal in my twenties from college to the workplace. Now in my thirties, I’d rather rid myself of these situations. In my line of work, they are ever present. Now that I’m taking on more responsibilities, even the mundane things such as bathroom cleaning, vacuuming the carpet, laundry (washing and folding), if I hold off on doing them, they pile on.

I don’t always do them, but I try to fold my laundry after I wash/dry them on the same day. I clean and vacuum with no distractions. If I’m cleaning the bathroom at the same time, I do all of them straight through. These and other household chores, grocery shopping, paying my bills, etc… the sooner I do them, the less things I have to worry about it. The more free time I have.

Time for Homeland, Billions, The Walking Dead and Chill.

I’m done.


Posted March 5, 2017 by StupidSystemus in Personal