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Just when I was about to write a random post, I accidentally logged in to my Xanga account out of habit, even though all I can do now is read my subscriptions from bloggers who bought lifetime access prior to 2.0.

I don’t really have a point with this post. It’s been a minute (read: a long while) since I’ve made any decent updates. I still post videos I’ve made on YouTube, but I’m definitely out of practice as far as blogging goes. I guess I’m just so used to writing anything back on Xanga and getting somewhat instant feedback with the people I got to know there. Gradually, I moved on from more personal posts. It’s not the same interaction as before, except for the occasional random posts I do. The landscape has changed. Twitter, Snapchat. Instagram. The list goes on.

Let’s see.

  • I have 8 minutes left on my timer before I pour a cup of fabric softener in the washer.
  • I’m coasting through life.
  • From 2013 to 2017, I’ve had two jobs. My last job was the longest I’ve help a job at two-and-a-half years. In November 2016, I was hire full time at my current job after a year of contract work. I was doing contract work for almost 4 years, minus the worst job I’ve had which hired me full time after my 3-month contract ended (which I quit just shy of 3-months right after because FUCK THEM that’s why).
  • My manager recognized all the hard work I’ve done for the company and has rewarded me with more work in the form of more responsibilities, training, and managing my own project and program in the next few months. I can’t believe I’m finally growing up and on track to become a project manager. And I’m scared and excited and anxious and happy and stressed and just a puddle of mush all at the same time.
  • Just turned 33.
  • Just went downstairs to pour the fabric softener on my clothes. That should give me 19 minutes and down till washing is done and on to the dryer.
  • Pokemon GO became a thing last year. Got really into it for like 3 months. I heard they have an update.
  • About 3 years ago, I bought a Live Gamer Portable for recording videogame footage on my PS3. I wanted to show gameplay footage of the games I play and post it on YouTube. I’ve always had a knack for video editing, but working on these videos allowed me to practice editing techniques I’ve never done before. Most of my videos are set to music.
  • I still play on my PS3. I really want to get a PS4, but I just feel guilty not finishing my existing PS3 games which I haven’t played. Not really sure if I have OCD, but it’s definitely a thing with me. That and hoarding. And completing a set like when I bought LEGO Architecture sets, Assassin’s Creed Mega Blok sets, and the Walking Dead sets (filed under ill-advised purchases). They’re still in the box (some of them, at least).
  • My right shoulder appears to be stabilizing now. I just can’t do too much strenuous activities like lifting heavy weights, jumping jacks, and awkward angles on my right side. My first real visit to a gym was met with 3 weeks of “my arm feels like it’s about to pop out of my” shoulder pain.
  • Acceptance. That it’s okay to be sad. That not everything works out as planned. That you just bounce right back… starting from zero.
  • Laundry is done. Time for the dryer.

I’m done.

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