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After about a month of punishment, we finally got work from home privilege back.

In November, one of our co-workers complained to management about being a work buddy to a new employee, which meant they couldn’t work from home for those two weeks. Management revoked work from home privilege to the entire team to send a message that it’s not an entitlement. It’s a privilege that some people are abusing.

It really sucks because this could have been avoided if they just talked to the team leads about it and made arrangements to rotate responsibilities with someone else.

We got at least 1 day work from home back until our project slows down. It doesn’t matter to me as much, though. I get work done. It’s just nice to sleep a little longer and work in PJs or home attire.

Other than that, my manager is pushing for me to become a team lead. I’m anxious about it, but it’s a great opportunity. Besides, I can’t make progress if I always take the easy road. There’s a small project that I’ll be leading in January for 6 weeks. Wish me luck.

I’m done.


Posted December 30, 2016 by StupidSystemus in Personal

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