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Initially, I needed someone to blame for this election outcome. A scapegoat. So I looked at 3rd party voters. Now that I’ve cooled off a bit, I looked at the numbers.

In 2008, Pres. Obama won with 69.499 million votes over McCain’s 59.948 million votes.

In 2012, Pres. Obama won with 65.916 million votes over Romney’s 60.934 million votes.

The current count for Clinton is 59.814 million votes over Trump’s 59.612 million votes, but she lost because of the electoral college.

Roughly 8-10% of registered Democrats also voted for Trump.

In these past 8-9 years, the voter turn out for conservative voters were roughly the same.

There’s plenty of blame to go around. If you really want to blame someone, blame the almost 10 million people who didn’t show up this year. Their votes REALLY MATTERED. Their votes could have flipped Congress in some shape or form. Their votes could have made changes at the state level.

I’m done.


Posted November 9, 2016 by StupidSystemus in Rant

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