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My Labor Day Weekend   Leave a comment

For Labor Day weekend, my family and I went to Boston. It’s my first time here and my parents as well. My sibling has been here before.

It was only for two days, so we took the Super Tour bus around Boston, Harvard, and Cambridge area. We went to the Millennium Tower and the Museum of Science afterwards. After that, we walked around downtown area near the pier and had dinner at Legal Sea Foods restaurant. The next day, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts. Overall it was a short and awesome trip.

I’m done.


Staring Into Nothing   Leave a comment

When I’m staring into the distance (actually nothing), I’m not mad. My mind is overstimulated. I’m trying to clear my head and shut down.

Pestering me and being annoying about, however, will get me mad.

I’m done.

Posted September 4, 2016 by StupidSystemus in Rant

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