The Allure of Social Media (or Lack of It)   3 comments

2009-2012 was the peak of my social media activity. Loneliness (or the urge to connect with people) drove me to pour my heart out to my Xanga. Same with Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and various forums. 4 years later, I’m dispassionate and rarely make updates. At least, not as consistent as I used to.

Maybe it’s the death of Xanga. The community aspect propelled Xangans. Still, the mass exodus happened before 2009. Remaining members interacted through top blogs. Those who never visited the front page of the site (like me, prior to 2007-2008) had no idea of the larger groups. Xanga 2.0 did nothing. I don’t think it was necessarily a rip-off, but it was definitely false advertisement. The old Xanga platform was ripe for hackers and spammers to exploit. Most of the community didn’t know it. Moving to another platform (WordPress-powered Xanga 2.0) distanced the owners from the liabilities the old platform brought them. I guess it, too, distanced and divided its members.

Maybe something died inside me. A lot can happen in 4 years. Hopping from job to job, financial responsibilities, death in the family, online drama… dejection.

Maybe social media is saturated. Back in the Usenet group and IRC chat days (I guess AOL Instant Messenger is now part of that), it felt like you were in this secret online gathering. It felt special. What once was a niche gathering of like minded people is taken over by corporations monitoring your online activity, blasting ads up the wazoo catered to your browsing habits. It’s still a gathering of like minded people, except everyone knows about it. Currently, social media is like the big city: crowded, noisy, and never sleeps.

Maybe it’s all of them.

I’m done.


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3 responses to “The Allure of Social Media (or Lack of It)

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  1. I think a lot of bloggers also stopped writing for a variety of reasons (school, job, relationships, family commitments, lack of time…). Now companies check what you put out there on social media and it’s harder to stay under the radar.

  2. There are a lot of hateful, and perhaps dangerous, trolls around, too. Expressing an unpopular opinion can get you doxxed or worse. Most of my social media activity is now communicating by Messenger with girls I graduated from school with. Imagine us oldies using the Internet!

  3. I miss the xanga community. I miss the anonymity of it, something you really can’t have on Facebook. I gave up on Xanga, I stayed until the last minute and switched over to LiveJournal which ultimately I hated due to all the “friends only” crap. I hated friending someone only to find out their blog was not something I was remotely interested in. I do want to blog…whether someone reads it or not. So I started a WordPress last night and did a search for anyone who even mentioned Xanga, maybe their like me in that they miss it and just can’t let the platform go. It was a beautiful thing in it’s day.

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