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Guess that’s what happens when Donald Trump becomes the presumptive Republican nominee: Tornadoes, 15 day rain streak in DC, cicadas and pollen. Time to build that Ark.

1. Haven’t posted in awhile. Been busy with work. Still under contract even though my 6 months is up. Contractor says to continue working as normal since they haven’t heard back from my manager regarding my employment (full-time conversion or contract extension).

2. About my job: I go to work every day unlike my last job where they allowed me to work from home 3 days a week (even the whole week). It’s straight 9 to 5. Because of this routine schedule, I find myself waking up around the same time every day now.

About two months ago, management relaxed their stance on telecommuting and allowing us to work from home every other week. Each team are to decide the schedule. Team members are to alternative with their co-workers each week. I told my team that I’ll still work at the office on Fridays because I can’t work on the tiny laptop screens. I need a large monitor to extend my workspace. But not anymore. I’m working from home tomorrow.

3. My cousin and her family will be visiting us at the end of May. My nephew is almost 2 years old. So cute. I saw them last year on 4th of July weekend in Michigan. My parents are taking them to DC, then New York City.

4. I’m appreciating my ambiversion as the years go by.

5. Since the year started, I’ve watched 10 movies.

Boruto: The Movie (2015) – After the end of Naruto, they released this movie about his son in the future. I liked it.
– The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014) – My mom saw this in theaters 2 years ago. Saw it on cable. Food cooking and competition is always good in my book.
– Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) – It was a long car chase movie. And it was a good.
– Kung Fu Panda 3 – Probably the last movie in the franchise. It was a nice send off. It felt like a last movie because every named character had more speaking roles than the previous movie.

– Deadpool – The first comic book movie of the year and it’s still breaking records. It’s made more money than all the other X-Men movies. It’s definitely the comic book movie to beat.

– Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – As far as comic book movies go, this falls in line with The Dark Knight trilogy. It dabbled more on philosophical topics and less on the comic stylings that Marvel Studios has done.

The Jungle Book – I went in thinking this would just be an OK live adaptation of The Jungle Book cartoon, but I was wrong. I recommend it.
– Terminator: Genisys (2015) – I didn’t like this one. Some franchises should just stop.

– Selma (2014) – This was a hard movie to watch. And that is why I watched it. It should have won a lot more awards.
– Captain America: Civil War – I read the arch this movie is based on and it’s totally different, which is understandable. Most of the characters in the comics are in another studio (Fox) and the rest have yet to show up in their own movies (or lack of). Overall, Captain America: Civil War made a better showing and story than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for relatively the same budget.

I’m done.

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