You Have NOT Been Using Chopsticks Wrong   1 comment

So people online have been raving about this new “revelation” regarding wooden chopsticks. Apparently, the tail end of regular wooden (bamboo) chopsticks that come in red or generic paper wrapper provided at many Asian restaurants can be snapped off to act as a rest or holder to keep the tip of the chopstick untouched to the table. Chopstick aficionados, young Asians, and hipsters-alike got themselves questioning their life experiences.


“How did I not know this?”

“Why was I so stupid not to realize it?”

“Why didn’t my parents, aunts, and uncles tell me this is how wooden chopsticks work?”

“Did I just bring dishonor to my family?”

It’s not a thing. You’re not stupid. There is no secret. You didn’t bring dishonor to your family.

So that everyone will stop sharing these pictures or sites that promote misinformation like they found the holy grail, here’s the actual source of the photos:

Slow Chopstick is a design concept for wooden chopsticks that incorporates the fluted design of the tail part of a toothpick (a very old Japanese traditional design), so it can be easily snapped off. The separated end is used to keep the front end of the toothpick (and with this specially designed chopstick) untouched to the table.


So no. The tail end of regular wooden chopsticks is never meant to function as a rest or holder. This is a specialty product with easily “snappable” ends. You’re not “doing it wrong.”

Now you’re a little bit smarter in an ocean still full of misinformation.

I’m done.


Posted February 21, 2016 by StupidSystemus in Rant

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One response to “You Have NOT Been Using Chopsticks Wrong

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  1. I’ve always had difficulty chopping with those sticks anyway.

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