People at Work Think I’m A Smartass   1 comment

So we had a meeting on Thursday last week. Usually we start by going over our agendas. This time, our managers decided to let everyone else discuss their projects instead of them talking.

So our guest in the meeting talked about this Sharepoint best practices meeting and to respond and vote for their preferred date for the meeting. One of my co-workers mentioned how she couldn’t find the vote button in the email. I’m not expert on Microsoft Outlook 2010 myself, but when you use these programs daily, you tend to pick up how it works or do your own research. Being sincerely helpful, I replied to my co-worker and said “you have to open the email.”

The voting option in Outlook desktop client emails is only visible if you (1) right-click on the email itself or (2) open the email in its own window. If you right-click the email, you’ll see the word “vote” as one of the options if that email has voting enabled. To open the email, you either double-click it or press “Enter” while the email is highlighted. The “Vote” button will be at the top menu options. It will NOT be present if you view the email in the preview window.

After my comment, my co-worker gave me that look as if I was mocking her. Everybody else laughed. My manager thought I was being a smartass. One of the few times I speak up at work and that’s what I said. I didn’t realize it until a few minutes later how it all seemed to everyone else. I already knew that most of my co-workers are not as tech-savvy as me. It was at that moment that I realize most people in that room probably didn’t know what I was talking about. (There are several other moments from last week when co-workers didn’t know what Excel VLOOKUP is, but I digress)

After the meeting, I explained to my co-worker that I wasn’t being a smartass. That I LITERALLY meant to OPEN the email. I talked to another co-worker and she didn’t see the voting button either until I showed her. It’s not really technical. Then again, I’m operating on a highly-technical level compared to them. I guess that makes me seem smarter (not that I’m not). Not a smartass.

I’m done.


Posted February 14, 2016 by StupidSystemus in Musings, Personal

One response to “People at Work Think I’m A Smartass

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  1. Hopefully once they get to know you better they won’t feel that way about you.

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