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  1. In the IT world, especially companies dealing with government and sensitive info, security is everything. It’s the third day of my new job and they’re still processing my badge. I have my laptop setup, but I can’t login without my badge. So I’m reading and re-reading documents my coworker printed for me about the programs we support. Once I’m done, I stare at the wall for hours. Hence my new posts.
  2. Had lunch with a former co-worker and her co-worker earlier. It’s been a while since we left that really awful experience for a job at that company, which still holds the title as the worst, period, job, period ever, period. She’s still in the area so it’s nice catching up with her.
  3. I’ve come to depend on Facebook for such a long time that I expect I could find long lost friends I haven’t talked to or seen in many years, that I forgot to factor in them probably not having an account.
  4. I brought my iPad mini to work, hoping I could up my work count for NaNoWriMo, but no. I forgot to install the Google Doc app for editing. I can’t connect to my work wifi without a login (which is probably a good idea as they’d know what I’ve been accessing at work). The nearest Starbucks is 3.4 miles away. I’ll just make sure to download it when I get home.
  5. My Starbucks card’s gold status expires next year in August. Thanks to their member exclusive star deals, I could gather 30 stars to retain gold status for another year and spend less. If I buy from 3 different stores till 11/14 this week, I get 6 bonus stars on top of the star I get per purchase/visit.
  6. Saw Spectre last weekend. It was not as good as Skyfall, but I enjoyed it the same. Also, Sam Smith’s Writings on the Wall is the epitome of all James Bond theme songs. I put it on the same level as You Know My Name and The World is Not Enough. Don’t care what anyone says. Goldfinger theme song did not age well. Can’t let nostalgia hold us back. Not sorry.
  7. The last Hunger Games movie comes out this next weekend. I’m actually more interested in what trailers they have in the theater. Watching trailers on a full screen is just better.

I’m done.


Posted November 11, 2015 by StupidSystemus in Music, Personal

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  1. I want to see Spectre. It’s being shown on an Imax n Austin. Maybe we’ll watch it there.

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