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  • Sometimes I miss Xanga and the personal blog format it provided. I had a closed group of subscribers I regularly talked to and followed. This WordPress account has supplanted that in someways. I don’t share much personal info as I used to, but this can be considered personal.
  • The YouTube videos I post (LEGO, Nanoblock, gaming) are mostly my creation. I’ve done mostly time lapse recordings, building LEGO and other   construction toys. On the gaming front, I’ve recording gameplay footage on my PS3. I mostly set them to music, with some videos taking hours to create to sync different scenes with the song.
  • I became a YouTube Partner about 3 months ago. I have an Adsense account, but I don’t make much money from it. That would be nice, but that’s not my intention. YouTube Partners have the ability to schedule when their videos are published. Regular users have to manually publish their private videos for it to show up on their channels. As a partner, I can upload multiple videos I’ve created and stagger their published dates. That way I could set up my blog posts in advanced with my videos going live at the same time as the posts are scheduled.
  • I just started working this past Monday. That’s 5 months and a week since I’ve been unemployed. The job is alright for now. They’re still trying to provide me login access to my computer and security badge, paperwork and all. It’s contract for 6 months. They have an option to hire me full time. I really hope that’s the case. I’m not getting any younger and I need to put more money in my 401K.
  • After a 3 year hiatus. I’m attempting 50K words for my entry to this year’s National Novel Writing Month. So far I’ve done 2K words. I’m clearly very behind. I’m invested in too many things and always distracted. But I’m still trying.

I’m done.


Posted November 10, 2015 by StupidSystemus in Musings, Personal

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