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I can’t believe it’s November already. I already talked about the movies I saw in September in this post, so I’ll talk about the movies I saw last month. Here are the movies I saw in September and October.

1. The Martian – Apparently, some people thought this was based on a true story. We don’t even have actual working hoverboards yet. Anyway, this was an epic story of an astronaut that was left behind on Mars by his team after he was struck by debris during a dust storm in the planet. He had to survive on his own, find a way to contact Earth, and somehow make potatoes grow on Martian soil. The science in this movie checks out. Matt Damon should win an Oscar for this.

2. Sicario – I watched this on a Tuesday. Our theater in the mall has a discount day program with ticket prices at $6.50 per movie, all day. I think it’s one of the most underrated movies this year. Emily Blunt plays an FBI field agent who goes on a kidnapping raid in Arizona. They discover corpses hidden behind the walls inside the house and improvised explosives. She was later brought in by her boss to a joined meeting with other individuals and recommended her for a task force in El Paso, Texas. Turns out they were going to Juarez, Mexico and performing a different task of extracting a cartel boss’ top man to bait him out into the open and find his location. I think if you like gritty and suspenseful cops and robbers movies with carefully planned pacing and action, you’ll like Sicario… which is the Mexican word for hitman.

3. Zero Dark Thirty (2012) – I didn’t get a chance to watch this the first time around. It details a top level CIA agent’s journey to hunting down Osama bin Laden for several years, including the secret special operation in Pakistan to take him out. I rarely see movies likes this, so it was nice catching it on TV.

4. Steve Jobs – This is the second movie they released after Jobs died. The first movie starred Ashton Kutcher and that one was more like an actual movie. In Steve Jobs, Michael Fassbender plays the former Apple CEO. The movie is divided into three acts, all of which occur behind the scenes prior to the launch of three products: The Macintosh, The NEXTcube, and the iMac. Rather than show as Steve Jobs’ life story, the movie gives as snippets of what supposedly they talked about prior to the launch conference. The movie is like a play, focusing on Jobs and his interactions with six other important people. It’s an Aaron Sorkin film, so the dialogue is always on point.

I’m done.


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