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I just finished watching The Blindspot after watching Gravity Falls and Supergirl. I started up my PS3, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to play a game. So I went through my Facebook feed. Several minutes of that and I went to read my news feed and go to sites for entertainment and reading. There was a link to a YouTube video on historical European martial arts documentary. They mentioned Asian martial arts and somehow it reminded me of a very distant memory of a Filipino movie, Ang Lihim Ng Golden Buddha (The Secret of the Golden Buddha). It’s a semi-autobiographical movie based Yamashita’s Gold rumored stolen during World War II and hidden in various caves and other locations throughout Southeast Asia. These treasures were stored and encased in Golden Buddha statues. So I looked up the movie online and remembered the actor playing the lead role. I don’t remember much of his other movies, but I mistook him for another actor who played the son of the devil in another Filipino movie. I also looked up that movie online. This movie came out in 1989 and I thought it was one of the scariest movies I’ve seen. Then again, I was 5 and I haven’t seen It.

Much of what I remember from the Philippines were bits and pieces before I was 1 years old, to my childhood and graduating primary school in the 6th grade. It’s weird how random things just open a can of worms in my head. I also remembered the lead actor and the lead actress in the movie, but I didn’t want to continue going down this rabbit hole if I wanted to get some sleep tonight.

I’m done.


Posted October 28, 2015 by StupidSystemus in Musings

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