Queens of the Stone Age – The Vampire of Time and Memory   1 comment

I was watching Ray Donovan’s Season 3 finale on Sunday. They played this song after the last major scene in the episode. The music just resonated so much with Ray Donovan’s character and I just fell in love with this song.


In Season 3, there’s a catholic priest that wants Ray to confess for killing the priest who molested him and his younger brother when they were kids. This other priest knows about what happened and all he really want is for Ray to confess so he can absolve him. Earlier in the season, they were confronted by the priest and Ray beat up the priest for knowing too much about what happened to him. The priest performed an excommunication prayer for Ray and his brothers.

In the season finale, Ray’s older brother was shot and in a coma. Him and his father went to the Armenian mob for revenge. They won the gun fight, but he was also shot. With a heavy heart, Ray went to the priest to confess. He didn’t really care about what would happen to him, but he just wanted his brother to be back in God’s graces and to be alive. Ray confessed to killing their former family priest who molested him. When asked why he did it, he was hesitant at first until he finally broke down. The priest told him he was special and that he could be anything. He bought him gifts and took him to watch movies or the carnival. Nobody ever did anything like that for him when he was little. So when the family priest started doing those awful things to him, he knew it was bad, but he just let him. He cared for the priest. Now that he’s older, he doesn’t know what to feel. He’s all messed up inside. He sees these pictures in his head when he hugs his kids. It tears him up inside.

The priest in the confessional absolved him of his sins. He collapsed inside the church due to the gunshot. The scene shifts with the other priest driving and Ray on the passenger seat, heading back to Los Angeles and probably find a doctor. That’s when “The Vampyre of Time and Memory” starts playing.

The beginning lyrics:

I want God to come and take me home
‘Cause I’m all alone in this crowd
Who are you to me?
Who am I supposed to be?
Not exactly sure anymore

There are two versions of this song with Queens of the Stone Age and their guest singer, Ms. Dolly Byrd.

I’m done.


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  1. Sounds like confusing, contradictory churchy stuff to me. I’ve read it’s a good show but never watched.

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