A few things (2015-09-27)   3 comments

  1. The last movie I watched in theaters was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation last month (August). I’ve watched three movies from last year on TV: Dracula Untold, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michael Bay Edition), and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Dracula Untold was more action than horror. I think Universal is trying to piece together all their movies to bring back the Monster Squad… or at least plan on it. It started with I Am Frankenstein and now Dracula Untold. Maybe the werewolf and the mummy will join. TMNT was probably a let down. If I didn’t know about the original, this is probably an okay movie. It’s just very Michael Bay-ish. The last Night at the Museum was not as good as the other movies, but it’s still a fun family movie. The plot was literally fixing the tablet and all they had to do was go to London and ask questions. Robin William’s last scene as Teddy Roosevelt actually made me tear up.
  2. Still on the job search. One recruiter actually seems to be showing some promise. The client likes me and they’re opening a spot for the same position. I should hear back from them on Monday.
  3. My laptop has been slowing down for the past two months. I’ve tried every thing in the books, online and what I know from past experience, trying to gain back performance even though I already know the reason why it’s slowing down. Then it finally happened Saturday afternoon: harddrive failure is detected. It’s still working right now, but the the harddrive will give out any time soon. I have most of my important files backed up. It’s still a pain, though. Good thing I have a rainy day fund. I’m going back to desktops for now. Just enough for me to edit my photos/videos and do some work.

I’m done.


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3 responses to “A few things (2015-09-27)

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  1. I should see Rogue Nation. I’ve seen the other MI movies and enjoyed the action. I wish I could recall the name of the movie I streamed yesterday. It was a British movie called somthing like Answering Questions About Time Travel. That’s not it exactly. It was about three guys who found out that their pub’s loo was a time machine. Pretty humorous.

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