Movies I’ve Seen – July-August 2015   2 comments

1. Dragon Ball Z – Battle of the Gods (2014) – I was excited when they announced this movie last year. The creator of the series greenlit the movie and the plans for a new series, continuing the story after Dragonball Z (DBZ). This also brought back the argument of whether Dragonball GT (GT) was canon or not. This movie and the new series (Dragonball Super) put the discussion to an end: GT is not canon. It’s an alternate storyline.

Battle of the Gods takes place four years after the end of the Buu Saga in DBZ. Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction, has woken up. He had a dream about a Super Saiyan God and is set on finding out if such a person exists. The only Saiyans left are on Earth. He finds Goku, the main character and the rest of the gang on Earth.

This movie is for the fans. It’s lighthearted and comedic.

2. Minions – Based on the Despicable Me movies, the Minions got their own movie. It’s about where they came from and how they always followed someone as a boss. Most of the time it’s their fault when their boss bites the dust and they go with another boss. It’s a kids movie for adults.

3. The Breakup Playlist – Our local theater sometimes show foreign films every week or so. They started showing Filipino movies last year. This is the first one I saw. The story goes back in fort in the present and the past of two lovers who are in a band together and had a falling out. It boils down to the guy feeling like his girlfriend and the band’s lead singer taking the spotlight and he is jealous of her. They break up. Then several years later, they are asked to do a reunion for the band. The guy was already remorseful, but the girl was wouldn’t take it. She was hurt so bad by what he did. Then they make up before the movie ends. I guess it’s a teen drama. Movie was longer than I expected (almost two hours).

4. Ant-Man – Marvel can’t fail. At all. This is the first origin story of Ant-Man and it worked as a heist superhero movie.

5. The Maze Runner (2014) – I think it’s pretty common now for popular books in a trilogy to have a movie and their trilogy and two-parter for the third book. The Maze Runner is about a group of kids who are sent in the middle of a maze. They don’t know what happened before. All they know is their name. Nobody knows what happens in the maze. All they know is that it closes when the sun sets and opens back up early in the morning. Then one day a girl was brought up to the surface and knows the main character’s name. I think it’s a dystopian, apocalyptic movie. I liked it.

6. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – the 5th film in the series. It’s Tom Cruise in the gang doing impossible missions again. This time, he finds damning evidence that an anti-IMF (Impossible Missions Force) called Rogue Nation exists. It is up to him to clear his name and put a stop this group.

7. The Last Holiday (2008) – I was browsing through TV and found this movie from 2008. It’s Queen Latifah. Her character was diagnosed with terminal cancer. With the knowledge that she only have a few months left, she withdrew all her money and went on an expensive vacation in Europe. I actually enjoyed this movie. Not all movies have to be serious all the time. This was the right kind of feel good movie. Queen Latifah played her character right. She didn’t overact or anything.

8. Birdman (2014) – I read that this movie was an anti-comic book movie. I didn’t really get that vibe from it. It’s about a washout superhero movie actor who is writing, directing and acting in his own play many years after his Birdman character. The movie is played out as if there were no cuts to the scenes and everything continuous to the next. The acting is really good. It’s raw and at some points almost like they are calling out all actors who feel like they don’t matter anymore and trying to do something serious to feel like they matter.

9. Dragon Ball Z – Resurrection of F – The second DBZ movie comes after Battle of the Gods. This time, Frieza is resurrected and learns some new powers. Too bad Goku and Vegeta have learned something of their own, too.

I’m done.


2 responses to “Movies I’ve Seen – July-August 2015

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  1. Minions looks super cute. I’ll wait to watch it when it’s on DVD.

    I read the Maze Runner trilogy. This first movie was good. The second movie/book is coming out this month, but it looks so different from what the book was like (I know, I know, movies =/= books haha). I’ll watch it, and keep my mind open, but I don’t have too big of a hope for it.

    I know that we’ll disagree with this haha, but I’m ready for the whole Marvel thing to fizzle out.

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