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Assassin’s Creed Rogue is the standalone Assassin’s Creed (AC) game released in 2014 along with Assassin’s Creed Unity. Within the franchise’s timeline, Rogue is the direct sequel to Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and the prequel to Assassin’s Creed III, with the last mission being the prologue to Assassin’s Creed Unity. Rogue is set during the Seven Years’ War between Great Britain and France.


Unlike other AC games, Rogue follows Shay Patrick Cormac, a former pig farmer from New York of Irish descent during colonial times. He worked with the Colonial Assassins around this time with a younger Achilles Davenport as the brotherhood’s mentor (from AC 3). In search of Precursor sites (ancient sites from “Those Who Came Before” men), Shay grew resistant to how the Assassins’ gather intel and the killing of people who couldn’t defend themselves.


His last mission as an Assassin to obtain the Precursor artifact from under an old church in Lisbon drove Shay to turn his back on the brotherhood. After stealing the manuscript holding the location of Precursor sites and shot in the back during his escape, he was found by the Templars. He helped the Templars in a few missions before his official induction into the Order of the Colonial Rite by their Grand Master, Haytham Kenway (also from AC3). Shay’s story shows us how Achilles’ Colonial Assassins Brotherhood ended.

As a gamer, you are playing as a new Abstergo Entertainment employee in the present day, tasked with studying and reliving Shay Cormac’s genetic memories through the Animus. It looks like several months have passed since members of the modern Assassins infiltrated Abstergo Entertainment (events in AC 4: Black Flag). The present day gameplay is the same as in AC 4: Black Flag.


As far as the game is concerned, Rogue is everything that you experienced in AC 3 and AC 4: Black Flag. Controls are still the same as the last two main AC games. Shay has two pistols and fights with a sword and long knife combo. There are three main locations which you have access to: The Northern Atlantic, River Valley (Hudson) and New York.

I haven’t played AC Unity, but I’ve seen the gameplay videos and know of the entire story. Rogue should have been a longer game rather than a companion game to Unity. Shay’s story felt very rushed (only 6 memory sequences compared to the normal 12 memory sequences in most AC games). At the same time, Shay’s adventures were in-line with the modern Templars (Abstergo) objective. Their purpose was to prove that the Assassins are wrong and show why an Assassin became a Templar. As for the story, Rogue shows us that the Assassins are not always right. Shay felt responsible for all the deaths that they have caused trying to retrieve Precursor artifacts and betrayed the Assassin Brotherhood to save the world.


If you enjoy watching Let’s Play videos on YouTube, I’ve recorded my walkthrough of the game from start to finish, focusing on the main story mission.

I’m done.


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