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My parents are watching Stevie Wonder for the Songs in the Key of Life concert in Baltimore next week. They asked me if I wanted to go back in February, but I declined. It’s on Thursday and I don’t know how busy work can get yet. I probably should have, though.

The first memory I have of Stevie Wonder is the “Part Time Lover” song. I was less than 5 years old and the song was catchy. I didn’t understand the lyrics, but I still like it.

My mom asked me to burn her a CD of Stevie Wonder songs. She listed 28 songs, in order of which one can fit in one CD. I suggested to just make 2 CDs and add a few more songs. There are so many hit songs to choose from 5 decades worth of albums. “Overjoyed” and “Lately” are my favorites in all his songs. “Lately” I associate the most when I was 12 years old. The lyrics paint an infidelity story, but it’s the chorus that touches me the most.

Well, I’m a man of many wishes
Hope my premonition misses
But what I really feel my eyes won’t let me hide
‘Cause they always start to cry
‘Cause this time could mean goodbye

My mom had to leave for a job here in the US and listening or hearing the song made me lonely. “Lately” is also one of her favorite songs.

So now, I have an iTunes full of Stevie Wonder songs 🙂

I’m done.


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  1. Hey, nothing wrong at all with Stevie Wonder’s music! 🙂

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