Movies I’ve Seen – February 2015   1 comment

  1. Jupiter Ascending – This movie was originally titled as Jupiter Rising (which made more sense and easier to say). The studios decided to change. It was also originally scheduled for August 2014, but moved it to February 2015 for reasons (adding more special effects, other stuff, etc). That didn’t help the movie at all.The story and humor seemed geared towards the PG-7 crowd… kids. It just didn’t work out as well. Jupiter (Mila Kunis) turns out to be a reincarnation of the queen of one of the universe’s richest royal families. The living heir to Earth wants to harvest the planet for resources. Jupiter is preventing them for being a reincarnation. So there’s that conflict. Other than that, it was just too much special effects for the sake of special effects. Lackluster story.

  2. The Interview (2014) – The movie that “broke” Sony in late December last year. It’s about a TV personality and his producer recruited by the US government to “take out” the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. If you’re familiar with Seth Rogen and James Franco, this movie is basically Seth Rogen and James Franco playing themselves in a wacky situation. It was funny for me.

I’m done.


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One response to “Movies I’ve Seen – February 2015

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  1. Jupiter Ascending looked incredibly dumb – having Channing Tatum in it was another reason why I wouldn’t see it 😛 (I’m probably the only straight female who doesn’t find him attractive in any way.)

    I have the hots for Franco but I can’t take too much of Rogen and Franco together. “This Is The End” was ridiculously stupid-insane and I’m good for a while haha

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