Nanoblock – Neuschwanstein Castle   2 comments

This is one of many Nanoblock “Sites To See” sets. Neuschwanstein Castle is in Germany and is the basis for the Cinderella castle for Disney theme parks (Disneyland, Disneyworld). Over 550 tiny Nanoblock pieces. This is the first Nanoblock set where I got to use the official Nanoblock tweezers. They’re larger than regular tweezers with a special notch at the two ends for holding a nanoblock head. I had fun making this.

Music: Ian Van Dahl featuring Marsha – Castles In the Sky

If your browser allows it (Chrome) you can watch this video in 720p60/1080p60 (That’s 60 frames per second). It turned out buttery smooth.

I’m done.


2 responses to “Nanoblock – Neuschwanstein Castle

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  1. Cool. I thought I would like to make the big one, but I just watched the video of someone doing that and it seems like it would be tedious. I heard that Tower Bridge is a good one, but the one I found on line was too expensive.

    • Yeah. The Deluxe edition has too many pieces. It has light up, battery bases. The Tower Bridge you found is probably the LEGO Creator one. There are two other versions (LOZ and Pixel Block – Chinese and Korean lego competitors).

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