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Glow in the Dark Puzzle – Dinosaurs   1 comment

I found this Glow in the Dark Puzzle at Target and thought of making a timelapse video. I managed to track down the original artist. You can check out some of his work at his website.

Original illustration: “Meeting Under the Waterfall” by Jan Patrik Krasny

Music: Jurassic Techno
Artist: DJ Ralmark


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WTF Fridays – asdfmovie 1-8 (Complete Collection)   1 comment

I saw the first of these movies a few years ago. I didn’t know there were 8.

I’m done.

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WTF Fridays – Too Many Cooks   Leave a comment

So that escalated quickly. 80s throwback.

I’m done.

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Nanoblock – Chrysler Building   Leave a comment

This was the cheapest building set for Nanoblock at $13. I couldn’t resist.

I’m done.

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Halloween 2014   3 comments

I had about two weeks to think up of a costume. There were no events to attend or contests, but I like to dress up when handing out candy to “trick or treat-ers. I still have my blond wiga nd 80s getup from past Otakon conventions. I thought about combining the two. I went for the Zack Morris look (Saved by the Bell). I wished I had the giant cellphones from that era. My siblings and I did have that toy when we were little.

I also had a thought about dressing up as Finn from Adventure Time. I bought the costume on sale for half-off. Shopping around for the items and props to build, I decided I would use this costume for Otakon next year. There are some props that I’d like to try out to make this into a crossover character with another series. It should be a nice project to keep me occupied.

I also had my Drive jacket (the one worn by Ryan Gosling) and the prop hammer. Those came into the mix along with LED light up goggles and gloves. Needless to say, kids loved the costume. One little girl in a witch outfit said to her mom: “I wish I was him.” LOL. Another kid had trouble finding the palm of my hand because of the LED light up gloves. He ended up high-fiving the back of my hand.

Our neighbors gather around the cul de sac every Halloween for kids to grab their candy from each bowl that the neighbor brought. It was my first time going there. Spoke with some of the neighbors. I ended up bringing what’s left of our candy into the pile. It was a good night.

I’m done.

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