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Fez is a 2D puzzle game with a 3D perspective. You start out as a character named Gomez. He wakes up in his bedroom and explores the outside platformer world, talking to denizens about how everything is flat and two dimensional. Reaching the top triggers an event: a cube descends from the sky and introduces another dimension. As it turns out, this two-dimensional world is actually in the 3D realm. A few moments after that, the cube explodes into smaller cubes. It is your job to collect as much of the cube as possible to restore the balance of the world.


A screenshot midturn – You have to see the video to see what I’m talking about

Fez plays like a 2D platformer. Navigating your way around the world requires turning the entire screen 90 degrees (top down). It’s all about perspective. What appears to be an unreachable platform turns out to be inches closer when turning dimensions. Separate ladders on different platforms turns to a complete ladder in a different angle. The illusion of a complete ladder is completed in 2D.

Other than these puzzle-turning events, there are codes and drawings imprinted on stones and walls. If it weren’t for the huge online community following Fez, you would easily dismiss these puzzles. Ciphers, counting, etc. You need a paper and pen to solve these riddles. One particular puzzle is an obvious QR code. With your smartphone, you can scan the QR code to get the code for obtaining a cube or anti-cube piece.

The core game takes a few hours to complete. Finding all collectibles and cube pieces will take more.

I’m done.


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