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Numerous casual flings, one-time and/or several hook-ups aside, I’m currently not in one. I’ve only ever experienced mutual admiration once and it was towards the middle of my longest relationship after a rocky start.

People change. What you were before is not who you are now or tomorrow. Multiple times I’ve surrendered myself for who they were. Though it seem honorable and quite noble, it wasn’t the real me.

Love shouldn’t be stressful. If it’s always like that, it’s not love.

Or maybe I’m just not built for that. I quite like my independence now.

… maybe I haven’t found that kind of love.

I’m done.


Posted August 23, 2014 by StupidSystemus in Musings

2 responses to “Relationships

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  1. I have a post in mind, touching a bit on what you mentioned in your post. I’ll give you its link when I post it.

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