What Dreams Tell You?   4 comments

Too many memorable dreams these past few days.

I’ve killed this person I disliked in college by stabbing him on two separate dreams. On the first dream, before it ended I hooked up with a silhouette of a familiar girl, but can’t recognize her. We sneaked out in the middle of the night and talked and kissed in a jeep.

The second dream was very videogame-like. Yes, I killed and stabbed that guy from college. Then there was a party or parade of some sort and I recognized my best friend from school whom I haven’t talked to or seen since 2005. I raised my hand and he sort of recognized me. He’s in a metal band and changed his name to Santa (Lucia/Guias) Cruz. It explains why I couldn’t find or get a hold of him (It’s weird that I vividly remember that name that when I woke up I searched what I remembered on Google).

Just had another dream earlier where I have powers and I was about to move in with this girl I like (who is a mixture of someone very familiar and my co-worker from my last job). Weirdly enough, I ended up being house mates with my former co-worker and her husband, who owned the place and let me live with this girl I like. For some reason another girl appears in the picture and I’m also involved with her. The whole thing is awkward because this girl knows everybody else, yet I already proposed to marry the girl I like. The dream kind of got confused and it appears I promised myself to both of them. I haven’t been in this much drama since college and been in a tug-of-war/having to choose/being fought over situation since 6th grade.

So what do these dreams all mean? I don’t know. But all these dreams just made me realize something…

… I feel lonely.

I’m done.


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4 responses to “What Dreams Tell You?

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  1. Those dreams would be great novel material. If I were you, I’d jot them down in a journal and see where they lead. 🙂

  2. I asked my psychiatrist about dreams once. He just shook his head and said he didn’t know of any good studies
    So I guess we’re left to ponder it ourselves. My dreams often have me in a large building with long halls and many doors. Usually, I can hear something but no one is around. They say dreams are just the result of our brain sorting through information while it’s not busy helping us navigate through our day. That’s interesting to think about

    • I think most dream interpretations out there are introspective and reliant on the individual. They can be persuasive/dissuasive on future actions or inactions. Just as people interpret songs, books and art differently.

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