Pet Peeve: Sexual Comments   1 comment

I don’t think anybody has accused me of being a pessimist or Debbie Downer as of late. It’s probably because I haven’t gone out with friends in a while, but I digress. I don’t really like unwanted sexual comments. You could be a guy, a girl or a close friend. Take that garbage out.

I can understand close friends joking around making sexual remarks back and forth with each other. It’s an inside joke. That’s okay. Setting and environment also allows for such comments. If you’re in a group of like-minded sexual deviants (like a sexual deviants gathering) it’s unlikely anyone will give you crap for those remarks. The same goes for secret groups in Facebook as well.

There are a few secret groups on Facebook made by former Xangans and used as a hang out. It’s a place you can freely rant to your hearts content just like protected blog posts. Some of these groups have questionable people who were invited by friends of friends. They have nothing to contribute to the group other than sexual comments and objectifying women. They’re mostly men, but there are women, too. Clearly, some of them need to get laid, but that’s not the point. These secret groups (a few of them) are made for such content. I let that slide. Just don’t bring that behavior in my personal wall.

I posted a picture of myself wearing a bandanna after my outdoor run. One of the girls from these groups, a former Xangan, says “wrapped up like a D 😉 ” referring to my bandanna as a condom. Here are the reasons why I deleted her comment:

  1. I did not post that picture to warrant sexual remarks.
  2. I don’t talk like that offline. Neither online. When I do, it’s among friends and done so, jokingly.
  3. I don’t know her that well. Heck, nobody knows her that well. Her stories don’t add up. Possible catfish scenario.
  4. Just no.

I’m done.


Posted June 5, 2014 by StupidSystemus in Rant

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  1. I remember one guy on Xanga who talked about women like they were the worst andmost disgusting creatures in the universe. When accused of hating women, he would tell us about all his female friends and that he liked THEM. He pissed me off. Yeah, a lot of people piss me off. I try to ignore them, but they keep popping up.

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