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This past Monday, we had a house washing crew come by the house around 10:30AM. I was working at home. When they started washing the outside walls, my Internet connection stopped working. I went outside and the the service box was definitely wet. I’m still not sure if that was the cause because we had lots of rainy days in the past few weeks. I called our Internet provider.

They asked me to check if the router was working. Then they asked if our phone and TV was working. Turns out the TV and landline phone was also gone. Got a message from our team lead. I told her I lost connection at home. I went to our local Books-A-Million at the coffee shop section. Good thing I have a club membership. I worked the rest of my day at the store.


I stopped by the Jo-Ann Fabric store and got a simple plastic palette knives set. Skip to Friday night, I had some free time. I decided to finish my last canvas.

Clouds need some work. Should have added the lake first.

I continued using oil based paint. I remembered that depending on the type of paint thinner, it could be used in conjunction with the oil paint and as a cleaning solvent. I didn’t use coconut oil this time. Just played around with Clouds needed some work. I should have added the lake first. The orange-hued sky could have used some layering, but I like how my mountains turned out.

I’m done.


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