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I was reading an article on why Tim Burton’s Batman changed Hollywood. It’s probably one of the better articles I’ve read on IGN where the comment section was not a haven for fanboy arguments and white knighting. It talks about the Batmania in 1989 and the idea of putting a villain center-stage in movies changed filmmaking. As always, Jack Nicholson’s Joker is compared to all previous versions up to the recent one portrayed by Heath Ledger.

In light of Batman’s 75th anniversary, Batman’s (1989) Joker and The Dark Knight’s (2008) Joker are the best versions of the character for the director’s vision.

I’m just gonna say that Nicholson’s Joker and Ledger’s Joker were true to Allan Moore’s and Frank Miller’s adaptations. Jack Nicholson put his heart and had fun with the character true to the comic. That version lived on in spirit with the Animated series and various incarnations. Heath Ledger put his soul and portrayed a realistic version of Joker that fits the Christopher Nolan version of the Batman universe.

Both versions should be celebrated for what they are and what they did to comics and film adaptations.

I’m done.


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