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The last time I did some serious art work was in high school. Prior to that in elementary school, I learned the basics of light and dark shading, blending palettes, darker/lighter colors in background/foreground, and water and oil painting from my father’s painter friend. Haven’t had much time to dive into it. I make digital edits and comic strips from time to time, but I always wanted to get back into painting.

I bought a few small-frame canvasses, a painting palette, a small supply of oil-based paint tubes, small and large brushes and a tiny easel. That was in 2012 (Or maybe late 2011). It collected dust in the basement until last night.

With no object in mind, I just started mixing a small slab of dark blue and titanium white in coconut oil and applied it all over the canvas with a large brush. It came out with a sky blue shade. Using a small brush, I used orange and enveloped the canvas. Since this is oil painting, it takes a long time for the paint to dry. The orange mixed in with the blue already on the canvas in a dark rusty shade. I didn’t know what I was going for, but it looked like the dark shade of fire flames. I tried adding yellow, but the orange was just too strong. Not much I can do. I left it to dry. Not the same as the fruits and trees/buildings we used as subjects, but this will do for now.

A few things I (re)-learned:

  • Oil painting is messy – Besides the paint taking longer to dry, cleaning your brushes is the worst.
  • Brushes are overrated – I’ve forgotten how annoying brush bristles are, falling out of the brush and on the canvas.
  • I prefer water painting (sort of) – I had this discussion with my sibling about a year ago with me getting back into oil painting. She said she preferred water painting because it dries quickly. The thing about oil painting is that you can mix in the color really well and don’t have to worry much about it drying quickly. If you’re doing multi-layered paint job, you’d have to wait for a day or two.
  • Cleaning up sucks – not much else to say.
  • Turpentine/Paint remover creates a sticky substance with Lysol – that was unexpected and made clean up harder.

I’ll probably use paint without oil (maybe some water for blending purposes) and easily cleaned/throwaway items for applying the paint.


I’m done.


Posted May 4, 2014 by StupidSystemus in Musings

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