E-Mails You Shouldn’t See From Management   3 comments

I work for a sub-contractor (staffing) who hires temp technical employees (me) to staff a contracting company (prime) for their client projects. My current work order for the client project I’m supporting covers me through tomorrow. My profile at work shows that I have been extended for about 5 more months, but my sub-contractor has not received paperwork showing to extend me.

They sent me an email to make sure my project manager followed up with our prime regarding my extension. I was reading through the email, including the replies and emails below. The original email came from my sub-contractor and it’s addressed to their contact with our prime. It’s basically asking if I have been extended for work and whether they received paperwork. The last part sparked this post and bothers me:

Have you received an extension request for this contractor (me)? If not, should I tell him his last day on the project is tomorrow?

I know this is not a full-time hire.

I know they’ll probably keep extending my contract in 5 month increments.

I know there’s a chance the prime contracting company wouldn’t hire me full-time even after having worked here for a year and a half now.

Yet reading that last part still catches me off-guard. I already went through that on my first job after college. They called me in to headquarters one day and told me that was my last day. On my second job, they called me on the phone while I was telecommuting, saying it was my last day, too.

I’d like to believe that there’s security in being hired full-time. I get 401k benefits, paid time off and sick leave. It’s not. My first two jobs after college were full-time hires with great benefits, yet I never got a two-weeks notice. It’s this nature of the business that I’ll never get used to. I’d rather have an easy transition between jobs.

I’m done.


Posted April 24, 2014 by StupidSystemus in Personal

3 responses to “E-Mails You Shouldn’t See From Management

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  1. It’s unfortunate you had to read that. We use subcontractors in our company for a variety of projects. I think they work just as hard if not harder than a lot of full time employees. I hate it when companies hold off on renewing / extending contracts until the very last minute.

    • Usually we’d find out for sure at least a week before the contract ended. It probably didn’t help that it’s Easter week and many people were off-last week. My manager is probably still catching up on work and e-mails.

  2. I have actually made that mistake last job. I think anyone in any type of supervising or management position needs to be briefed on technology etiquette and possible bad outcomes.

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