Pet Peeve: Judging a Story by it’s Ending   3 comments

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I guess this goes hand-in-hand with people who don’t like spoilers. Personally, I’d be pretty pissed off if someone purposely told me a plot twist or an ending. Other than that, accidents happen. Shit happens. Nothing I can do about it, but I’d still want to know how everything unfolded.

I can’t wrap my head around people who think a book or a movie is bad or good based on the ending. I guess I sort of have an idea. It’s a pessimistic view. I mean, we’re all going to die someday. Not now. But some time in the future. That’s our ending. So these people already have that bleak outlook on life.

It’s detrimental. People miss out on a lot because of this self-exclusion rule.

Anyway, saw the How I Met Your Mother finale. Part of me was a little disappointed with the ending. However, looking back at the past episodes, it was leading up to this and ultimately it’s conclusion. It was nice way of ending it. Not everything is happy-go-lucky and cookie-cutter. Just like real life, not everything is perfect. I like that. It was brutally honest.

I’m done.


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3 responses to “Pet Peeve: Judging a Story by it’s Ending

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  1. I only ever saw a couple of episodes of that show. I think it’s good to end a show while it’s still popular instead of waiting until no one is watching anymore. The final episode of “Psych” was a little disappointing to me. In it’s prime, that show was hilarious, but the last few seasons have been uneven. It had run it’s course. There are a few other shows that I thinkshould be allowed to die with dignity: like “NCIS” and “The Mentalist.” I hope that CBS has some more good stuff in the works because some of its shows are getting long in the tooth.

  2. I agree that HIMYM was leading up to this. The mother’s death was super obvious. I guess I’m disappointed because of how rushed the ending was.

    • I would have preferred they spaced it out to why Robin/Barney broke up, How Barney got a kid and other stuff. Though if I think about it, they probably don’t have much story to talk about. Ted was telling the story of the time when the group was still seeing each other a lot and lived so close to each other. After the wedding it was all when they would meet up a few times each year.

      In Ted’s perspective, telling the story about the wedding was probably the most memorable to him because that’s when he met the mother. So everything during that time before the weekend had the most impact. He remembered every detail.

      In hindsight, he didn’t talk much about the mother and talked much about how he hung out with the kids’ aunt Robin and his friends (and occasionally slip in moments in time when he almost met the mom). He spent so much time talking about the the days before the wedding because everything just sort of aligned up to that point.

      Also, the title is “HIMYM” so the story with the gang after that didn’t have much impact.

      Part of me feels cheated with how they ended it, but it was very meaningful. The ending with them under the yellow umbrella was a great scene. The last scene with Ted asking Robin out again was necessary so that we know he has a second chance, just like the mom had a second chance at a happy life with Ted 🙂

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