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This has been plaguing me since I started using the Internet and found a way to download music for free through Napster. Since then, the only times I’ve gone out of my way to legally buy music CDs is if they are collectibles (Videogame music) and artists I actually support. Then the iPod came along, followed by the iTunes Store.

But sometimes you find a new artist and really love their craft. I can’t bring myself to download their entire music catalog for free, yet slightly torn on the idea of buying them all.

What’s your stance on this?


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2 responses to “Buying/Pirating Music

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  1. I look at it this way. I pay for internet service. Therefore, I’m paying for the ability to download music and watch videos by my favorite artists. Therefore I am, roundaboutly, paying for my music.

    On the other side of that coin, I also buy CDs and a few downloads, but under the following circumstances:

    1. I can’t find the particular song I’m looking for on my favorite free download site.
    2. I’m browsing in a store and see a CD that has songs I want and I don’t feel like spending time searching for the songs on that CD when it’s right there and I have money (rare occasion, of course lol).
    3. I’m buying the CD as a present for my best friend, whom I know will let me rip a copy of it to my computer as soon as she rips it to hers, b/c we have similar tastes in music 🙂

    I wouldn’t stress too much about not paying for songs by your favorite artists. You’re still supporting them as long as you’re listening to them on radio, watching them on YouTube, following their Facebook pages, whatever. If you really feel you should pay for their music, if I were you, I’d buy maybe one or two CDs and download the rest. There. Conscience is clear. 🙂

    • Oh. I still download songs and torrent them. I have a collection dating back to 1998. This particular artist is independent (ish), but I’ll probably go with your last suggestion cause I do that already 🙂

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