Things I Want to Say to My Sister   6 comments

You didn’t set the alarm when you got home.
You’re sleeping on the couch in the family room.
You sleep in ate’s room.
You’re room is a mess. You can’t even sleep there.
All your stuff is scattered throughout the house.
You barely sleep here in the house and don’t really tell mom or dad where you really are.
You keep blaming it on depression/anxiety/whatever.
Mom and dad seem to not fucking care anymore whatever you are doing with your life.
You’re always out, going places with friends, spending money you don’t have, driving a car you don’t own.
You always get into arguments with mom and dad and always get defensive about everything.
You don’t like being told.
Sure, you’re a grown up and out of college.
Your actions lately? Not by a long shot.
What the fuck are you doing?
Are you going to keep feeling bad about yourself?
Do you want us to care?
Is this what you want for the rest of your life?
Time to fucking wake up.

~ still debating if I should send this…

I’m done.


Posted December 20, 2013 by StupidSystemus in Personal

6 responses to “Things I Want to Say to My Sister

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  1. that’s a tough one, whether to send it. i’d sit on it for a while. maybe there will be a perfect time to send it. is it possible for her to get her shit together anytime soon? is she seeing a professional. if she’s depressed she might want to see someone. how long has she been depressed? these aren’t necessarily questions for you but for her

    i wish i could help more but this IS a tough one

    • She’s taking to heart having graduated out of college and still not finding a full time job.

      A few months after graduating, she set into motion plans to take economy class in our community college and continue a degree different from what she majored. She’s regretting spending more time socializing in college and being undecided for a while on what to major. She was on track for Physical Therapy, but went with Psych.

      During this discussion, we cautioned her if this is really what she wanted. We had this talk numerous times before college and when she decided on a major. She kept changing her mind. She took offense to this and got defensive. Started blaming my mom for saying that engineering might be hard for her. Note that at the time, her grades in high school were dropping as she spent more time hanging out with friends instead of her schooling. She admits she messed up 4 years of college and was now asking for advice. She broke down and started citing college friends who just got in to master’s degree programs and other friends in prestigious jobs. She broke down, saying she had so much potential. I stepped in and scolded her, to stop comparing herself to others. It’s a slippery slope and never helps you.

      That was 5 months ago.

    • Most of the time I don’t really say anything. Sometimes I let things slip by, in mild form.

      If only I could hug out the hurt.

      • you sound like a caring brother. everyone should have one like you. sounds like she’s regretting many things and she feel paralyzed and anxious at the same time. i know the feeling, though for different reasons. i think she’ll find herself. it’s tough out there. if you feel the need to sit down with her again, you should. i am serious about her seeing a professional, at least for a few sessions. it might help her make sense of things with someone neutral

  2. She might be so defensive with a professional. I know what it’s like to feel defensive—I was there for a long time and it feels bad! Guilt is a big factor. Medication and the fear of losing my husband is what saved me.

  3. Some girls have to do it the hard way. I did.

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