Dinosaurs Forgot About Dre w/ Guns   15 comments

I saw this anime music video at Otakon 2013. It was one of the finalists for the action category. The Cyberoptix remix to “Dinosaurs with Guns” sounded a lot like the beat hook to “Forgot About Dre.” It would be cool if someone remixed the songs together. I looked online and couldn’t find one. I’ve never done any professional-like audio mixing, but this had to be done.

It took a while to find the vocals only track to Forgot about Dre. I was looking for the instrumental version of Dinosaurs with Guns Cyberoptix remix, but I couldn’t find it. I tried isolating the music only, but the vocal track is too synthesized for my software to remove it. I think it worked out okay leaving that song as it is.

I did the remix. It’s a rough cut, but it’s what I needed. Hopefully you EDM DJs out there can make a better version of this mix.

I’m done.


15 responses to “Dinosaurs Forgot About Dre w/ Guns

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  1. Poor Evangelion, why people use your beautiful animation in this way? All these electronica songs sound identical to me. Buzz, click, womp, who cares? Where’s the heart?

    • There’s heart. It’s a different feeling, just like how 16th-18th century music evokes different emotions as compared to 13-15th century Gregorian chants and completely seem as detached to jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, alt, etc. Heart is not in all of them like other songs in all genres.

      • Again, I can’t feel it or hear it. I have listened to a lot of electronica, but this new dubstep just sounds like dial up internet to me. The only thing I feel when listening to it is impatient and irritated. *shrug*

        • This is actually one of the better ones. It starts out minimalistic then kicks it up a notch with an obnoxious distortion of the bass sample. Then again, it’s called “Dinosaurs with Guns” lol. The Brostep/Filthy Step sub-genres of Dubstep are an acquired taste and, yet, still leaves a lot of room to be desired. Chillstep is much better. Element and Crystallize by Linsday Stirling are fairly nice.

          • Um, okay… Not sure why I would care to know that since I don’t care for the genre at alll……

            • I guess that’s what I get for engaging in respectful banter.

              • I mean, I could see that if I mentioned I liked it or wanted to know more about it that would be cool. Since I kind of detest the music and the use of the anime (without credit to the actual anime itself) I’m unsure what kind of response you were expecting. I’m sorry if you felt anything I said or did was disrespectful. Not exactly like you’ve ever once commented or read or liked anything on my blog or anything… don’t know why I even bothered to say anything. Guess I won’t in the future. G’day.

                • If you actually bothered to read the post, you would have figured out that the video was a fan made anime music video as a finalist for a contest at Otakon of Evangelion using the dubstep song. Granted, I only spelled out the acronym as AMV (correction, I actually spelled it out as anime music video… No after the fact editing), but it would be hard-pressed for me to believe you know nothing of the sort.

                  TL;DR – Your claim for uncredited use of the anime is unwarranted. Good day.

                  • My bad, not going to pretend I read that at all. I read the tags though, does that count? LoL At least you won’t have to worry about my stupid ass barfing unnecessary
                    shit on your fucking page any more, later.

                    • I have no problem with what you like and/or your taste in music. My commenting frequency (and lack thereof) is irrelevant. Your responses, however, like your feelings toward dubstep, speak volumes and leave a lot to be desired. Later.

                    • You did seem to have a problem with my taste in music, because you felt the need to explain why it is good. Comment is relevant, because you seemed to think my responses were either offensive or not good enough for some reason, you made that clear with your “respectful banter” comment, but if you expect banter, maybe built a friendship first. So my feelings toward dubstep leave a lot to be desired? So I’m confused, am I allowed to have an opinion or not? You seem conflicted on the subject. You posted, I commented, that’s what blogs are about, if you don’t like my responses, then fucking grow up and block me. I actually used to really like you on Xanga, when you actually cared about other people and occasionally came to visit. If you had spent even one second just skimming my page, it would have become obvious why I feel horrible and why maybe my responses weren’t the best. But you’ve taught me a good lesson, to shut the fuck up because NO ONE wants to hear what I have to say. Especially not strangers. Go ahead, comment again, get the last word, since that’s what you are all about.

                    • I was basically saying that your responses had an attitude problem attached to them.

                      I’m sorry you’re feeling horrible lately. I was never subscribed to your WordPress blog so I never got any updates through the reader or through my email account. Still, the tones you used in your responses could have been better. If I knew your predicament, maybe I would have been understanding and framed them a little better. Then again, I should be framing my responses respectably regardless of whether I knew people’s state of minds.

                      Sorry 😦

                    • I’m sorry too, I really never meant for my comment to get out of hand. Generally though, I try to look at someone’s blog for hints as to why they say the things they do. I accidentally blocked you from my reader and I haven’t been able to fix it @__@ PS I hate WordPress.

                    • I fix it! I really am sorry again for being irritating or just plain mean. @__@ I’ve been having a lot of trouble socializing lately. 😦

                    • No worries. I was defensive with your comments, so it’s my fault. I hope you feel better.

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