Halloween Pumpkins   3 comments

This photo was floating around earlier this year (maybe last year, too). One of my friends posted it on Facebook. Halloween is just around the corner. So I said to myself, “why not?”

Finding the right pumpkin was daunting. It would have to be small and the perfect size. White pumpkins are slightly rarer than regular orange ones. I went looking for the orange pumpkins, first. Most grocery stores sell the bigger kind and have one set price for any size. It’s also harder to find the typical pumpkin look. Most of those were already taken. I found one small orange pumpkin (which had a face drawing at first I removed) and two mini white pumpkins.

I started with the smallest orange pumpkin. I found out quickly that ripe, orange pumpkins are not the type for this project. Once you carve out a hole, you have take out all the seeds in the middle. Most orange pumpkins are already ripe. You end up taking out the bulk of the innards. You’re left with more room inside, too big for the fangs to hold itself in place. So I improvised.

First, I started with stuffing bounty and newspaper inside the pumpkin before placing the fangs in place. it didn’t look right. I remembered I have unused modelling dry clay downstairs. I took out the paper and stuck a small chunk of clay inside the pumpkin. I formed smoothed it out before placing the fangs in. After painstakingly positioning the fangs, i stuck blue pearl head pins for the eyes. I left the orange troll hair on top.

Orange vampire pumpkin with blue eyes and orange troll hair.

With my first try out of the way, I tried it on the mini white pumpkin. These are perfect for vampire pumpkins. They are still unripe and have less seeds in them. You’ll get to keep most of the shape of what you carved. My only problem was the shape of the pumpkin. It’s almost the typical shape, but more rounded at the bottom. Not enough room for the face. My vampire pumpkin ended up looking like it has an overbite. Still, it did it’s job. It worked out okay. I used red pearl head pins for the eyes.

Mini white vampire pumpkin with red eyes.

Both vampire pumpkins. I guess one is Twilight-esque. The other, I can’t decide.

I went a different route for the other pumpkin. With a bunch of nails, a marker and large pearl black push pins, I made this:

Hellraiser Pinhead pumpkin. Yeah, I went there.

I’m done.


3 responses to “Halloween Pumpkins

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  1. lol that’s so awesome!

  2. They are so cool! I love those green fangs. It’s always hard to find just the right pumpkin. Have you watched Halloween Wars on Food channel?

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