Ten-Year High School Reunion   4 comments

I can’t believe it’s been that long. So many memories. I floated around in high school, never sticking to one group in particular. I could drop in and out of social contact from anybody. I had no problems with anybody. Life was simpler.

A few students in our graduating class formed a committee and planned this reunion as already as January this year. We passed around suggestions on where to hold the occasion. Many insisted that booze was not an option. Almost 100 said they were going (our graduating class was almost 400 students). With beer and liquor involved, we couldn’t book our high school gymnasium. We opted to reserve a local tavern. They would have drinks and finger foods available. That plan backfired with less than 20 people chipping in. Ultimately, we rescheduled and made it an informal gathering.

Prior to the reunion, I must have psyched myself out. I took a nap and dreamt of it like it was happening. It was just a weird feeling. I guess part of me was unsettled about meeting people I barely know. I never bonded with anybody in high school except for my best friend. Well, was. Still, I went.

About 20+ people showed up. It wasn’t much of a reunion, but it was nice to see familiar faces. I think 2003 was a good year. Some of our graduating classes are out-of-state or out of the country. Some are married. Some joined the military and are continuing their career serving the nation or pursuing their passions. Some are pursuing PhD and business owners. Some are in showbiz and professional sports. Some are teaching and gone back to their Alma Mater. Others, like me, are in the corporate world, public and private. Looking forward to that 15-year reunion.

I’m done.


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4 responses to “Ten-Year High School Reunion

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  1. oh man… that means it is 3 more years until my 10 year. i am ready to not go and meet everyone who flaked at the downtown bars haha

    • A lot of people definitely flaked out. 20+ was not the 80+ that said they were. Not sure if others are doing their own thing. The year hasn’t ended so there might be more gatherings.

  2. Two more years til my ten-year. Eesh. I don’t think I will go.

    Bran MacFeabhail
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