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I totally forgot I didn’t do a recap for Otakon last year. Anyway, here’s the link to my photos. They’re not much. Now on to Otakon 2013 Recap…

Pre-Registration (Thursday)

I worked from home on Thursday. Since I work in Virginia, it just makes sense. I worked extra on from Monday to Wednesday last week so I could take off early on Thursday. I already packed most of my stuff the night before. I just did some last minute checks and I was on my way to Baltimore.

I stayed at the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel, about half a mile from the Baltimore Convention Center depending on where you walk. It’s a nice hotel if you get lucky with the elevators and peak check-in/out time of the guests. They were also doing renovations, though it didn’t really bother me. Probably some people. I parked my car on an outside garage just across the street. This was a good decision on my part which we’ll find out later.

After I got comfortable with my room and put everything away, I went to get my badge. The line wasn’t long. They just made everyone go the long way inside the convention in case it rained. Not long after I was inside, it rained.

On the line, they had this badge design board showing what they have this year. Not much really captured my attention. I heard good things from Sword Art Online and Wolf Children, but I’ve never seen any of these despite the huge presence they have at the convention. Free! was available so I chose that one. Turns out it was also a hit among most people and one of the first designs that ran out.

They also held the Matsuri Festival from 2-8PM that day near the Baltimore Science Center. I proceeded to head there, not knowing they would end it early cause of the rain. It wasn’t a bad walk. I got to eat bibimbap bulgogi from a food truck. I walked around some more before heading back to my hotel. I actually ended up sleeping early. So that was nice.

Day 1 (Friday)

I woke up early. I got dressed up in Desmond’s hoodie from Assassin’s Creed and put on the toy hidden blade I bought off eBay, which I modified to pull out the blade via a fishline. Since I got to the convention before 9AM, I went straight to AMV Overflow and watched all the non-finalist anime music videos. I stayed for about 90 minutes before heading out. I completely missed the mosaic they had on display the first time. It consisted of various cosplayers throughout the years. After looking very closely, I saw my sister, myself and my former co-worker in the pictures. I was surprised they even included us.

Group photo from 2010

I went around taking pictures of cosplayers for a bit. There were various photoshoot gatherings scheduled on Cosplay.com. It’s a good way of finding the anime/cartoon or videogame cosplayers that you’re looking for. I’ve never been much of a panel guy, but I did try going to video screenings and such.

I went to eat with my friends at Dick’s Last Resort. This a bar/restaurant were the servers are mean and being a dick to you. It’s a fun place, but probably not family friendly. It was at noon, so the servers were tame with their insults and the hats they make out of paper. We went to the dealers room after that. I didn’t get to buy anything. My friend texted me if I was at the AMV Contest. Since she made an AMV herself and contributed, she got VIP seating and have extra passes. so I hurriedly went there. There was a huge line. I almost didn’t go in, but I managed to sneak in when the staff wasn’t looking. She came to find me and gave me the badge. AMV Contest is one of the big events at any Anime convention. I’ve tried not to miss seeing them.

After that, I went to eat at Edo Sushi with my former co-worker, who also is a staff member. I’ve never been to this place, but I found their sushi and sashimi to be fresher than most. It was a good choice. Throughout the day, I was in and out of the game room. I didn’t really stick around much. After all, this is an anime convention. I left before 12 midnight. I was too tired to go to the rave.

Day 2 (Saturday)

Saturday was more of the same things. This time, I went to the dealers room and artist alley. I got manga, a T-shirt and some toys. I didn’t do as much damage as I thought I did. I took some more pictures throughout the day.

Throughout the day, I just went around taking pictures and going back and forth in the game room and dealers room. I actually ended the day much earlier and had pizza and wings delivered to my hotel.

Last Day (Sunday)

I went to the dealers room for some last minute shopping. I ended up buying nothing. I think I was satisfied with what I already bought. I was planning on leaving early, but one of the video rooms was showing a new movie I haven’t seen. It was Flying Swords of Dragon Gate. The movie didn’t end until 2:45PM. This is the longest I’ve stayed for any Otakon ever.

Later that day, Otakon announced the dates for next year and their plan to move the convention to DC in 2017. Many changes to look forward to. I always manage to have fun at Otakon. This year seemed more lackluster for me, though. I wasn’t looking forward to anything or any of the guests. Hopefully they will have something good for next year.

Links: Otakon 2013 Photos

I’m done.


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  1. Dude, very cool your sis and you were in the photo from last year. Also the Hunger Games costumes was a cool idea.

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