Passive & Aggressive Driving   1 comment

Car in front of me at the stop light was one car length away from the ground sensors. The driver kept looking at her overhead mirror at herself. Luckily, another vehicle on the left side was on top of the sensors. Light turned green, it took more than five seconds before both vehicles started moving. Unbelievable. Before the next stop light, the driver in front of me must have noticed my hand gestures of disdain inside my car. She signaled and switched to the left lane. Thank you.

Traffic was more than great and unusually fast on the Capital Beltway. A pickup truck about 100 yards behind me was catching up. I was already above the speed limit on the leftmost lane. Why are most pickup truck drivers such assholes? Anywho, traffic was moving along nicely. I let this one slide and switched lanes temporarily.

Fifteen miles ahead, there was a clearing of about 20 car lengths before traffic got congested a tiny bit. Minding my own speed, car behind me switched lanes and tried overtaking. Not happening. I kicked my speed up a notch and cleared the distance of the clearing, leaving no room for the other car to overtake. One of two things happened afterwards: (1) Driver intended to switch lanes or (2) stayed to save face. I didn’t linger on the thought. I had to get to work. Take that, biatch.

I’m done.


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  1. I’m the worst about this. I hate when people get in front of me and then slow down. Eff that! I get around them again.

    Bran MacFeabhail

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