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If you’ve been on the Internet and found yourself into an online discussion, debate or argument, you most likely have encountered people who don’t really contribute anything, yet praised or commended for their comments. I’m talking about people who ask rhetorical questions with no follow up or people who use a personal stance on an issue against the person who said them, coming off as if they did something smart.

On the former, an example would be a person who responds to the topic or to another person in that discussion, saying “what else is new?” or “tell us something we don’t already know?” On the latter, a more commonly observed reaction from people are twisting the topic or a comment in any discussion in favor of their side. It’s a great skill when done wisely. However, in this case, the person will most likely say “it’s ironic people are complaining about complainers” or something similar to that.

These comments and comebacks are quite lazy, to be honest. Half of me find these comments as “haha” funny, but when you really look into it, these types of reactions are just cirkle-jerk Internet elitism that avoids the real issue and subsequent discussion.

I’m far from conflicted in this topic. I know where I stand. Do you?

I’m done.


Posted August 5, 2013 by StupidSystemus in Musings

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3 responses to “Internet Pet Peeve

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  1. Snark is fun, but ultimately ineffective.

    Bran MacFeabhail
  2. Talking just to talk. Sometimes appropriate. Mostly just stupidity. Sometimes funny. Sometimes not.

  3. It’s the interwebs, everyone’s a dang “expert” on it.

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