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PS3 Disc-Based Games (Summer 2013)   Leave a comment

Originally I planned on having separate reviews for these games. With summer ending just around the corner, I’ll make quick work and do short summaries of these PS3 disc-based games: Brutal Legend, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, The Walking Dead: 400 Days and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Brutal Legend

I bought this game 3 years ago. There were some minor set backs that prevented me from finishing the game in the form of other, newer games. Well, I finally did it.As a mini summary, you play Eddie Riggs. The world’s best roadie. His job is to make the world’s worst rock band look good on stage without anyone noticing him. Such is the life of a roadie… when a stage set falls on top of him, instantly killing him. His blood trickles into his belt buckle, unbeknownst to him, is actually the amulet of the god Ormagöden. The stage transformed into Ormagöden, decapitating the world’s worst rock band with his godly heavy metal scream. Ormagöden then takes Eddie’s body to the Heavy Metal world. You adventure takes off from there.

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Ten-Year High School Reunion   4 comments

I can’t believe it’s been that long. So many memories. I floated around in high school, never sticking to one group in particular. I could drop in and out of social contact from anybody. I had no problems with anybody. Life was simpler.

A few students in our graduating class formed a committee and planned this reunion as already as January this year. We passed around suggestions on where to hold the occasion. Many insisted that booze was not an option. Almost 100 said they were going (our graduating class was almost 400 students). With beer and liquor involved, we couldn’t book our high school gymnasium. Read the rest of this entry »

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FUCK YOU, DICK!!!   Leave a comment

I wrote this post on Xanga back in June about an off-site co-worker with an attitude problem and chip on his shoulder. He also just seems unruly towards a female co-worker from the same off-site location in our project.

Attitude on a Co-Worker

[…] I do have a bone to pick with my co-worker from [redacted], though. It’s the way he talks to another co-worker at where they work.

Whenever we are in team meetings, our conversations are somewhat informal, yet respectful. For some reason, the male co-worker from [redacted] gives an attitude towards the female co-worker. When we’re talking on the meeting and he’s talking, sometimes our manager and another local co-worker would interject to clarify stuff. Whenever the female co-worker from [redacted] would interject, the male co-worker would say “can I finish?” He only does that to her. I’m not sure if he has a problem with women (our acting manager is a woman), but he did voice his concerns during the transition on the acting manager’s knowledge with the applications we were supporting.

The female co-worker e-mailed me a few months ago about asking our acting manager if we could bring in our SME (subject matter expert) developer local co-worker  as a sort of project application lead or co-lead to help out in support duties. You see, the female co-worker and I were fairly new to the project. She had about 1 month’s lead on me prior to joining. She barely knew anything about the application we were supporting as the male co-worker would always be busy or wouldn’t respond to her e-mails. The female co-worker is aware of these snide remarks, but she just lets it slide, to a degree.

I’m done.

Yesterday, that female co-worker was told by her project manager at her job that they are reassigning her to another project effective immediately. She didn’t say much in the e-mail, but they basically brought in this new person who just started working yesterday. He’s supposed to replace her. I had a hunch who was behind this. I called her after work and she pretty much confirmed it. He caused the whole thing. WTF!!! Read the rest of this entry »

PSN Games (Summer 2013)   Leave a comment

Finally I get to review the following games: Machinarium, flOw, Flower, Datura.


The first time I played this little gem was almost 4 years ago as a demo on the game’s website. In June, the PlayStation Network offered the game for free to PSN Plus subscribers. I couldn’t say no to a free game.

It’s about a humanoid robot (a he) that found itself on a junkyard. He doesn’t remember much about what happened, but he remembers another humanoid robot (a girl) when he’s idle. You go throughout the game solving puzzles and finding out more about the world and our unlikely metal protagonist.

Machinarium is a point and click adventure game. You move around a cursor on the screen and click on various objects to interact with. Our hero is not much of a robot, but it can stretch and shrink it’s body to a certain length and store objects by opening it’s mouth/head like a trash can. With that in mind, you get a general idea of where interactive objects are located by his reach. Other than that, an indicator pops up next to the cursor showing that the object is interactive.

Everything in the game is hand-drawn. The game developer(s) put their heart into this steam punk-ish industrial setting to make this machine world. They crammed a lot of detail into this game. It’s worth a try if you’re a PSN Plus subscriber. It’s also available on XBox Live and from their main site. Read the rest of this entry »

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Otakon 2013 Recap   3 comments

I totally forgot I didn’t do a recap for Otakon last year. Anyway, here’s the link to my photos. They’re not much. Now on to Otakon 2013 Recap…

Pre-Registration (Thursday)

I worked from home on Thursday. Since I work in Virginia, it just makes sense. I worked extra on from Monday to Wednesday last week so I could take off early on Thursday. I already packed most of my stuff the night before. I just did some last minute checks and I was on my way to Baltimore.

I stayed at the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel, about half a mile from the Baltimore Convention Center depending on where you walk. It’s a nice hotel if you get lucky with the elevators and peak check-in/out time of the guests. They were also doing renovations, though it didn’t really bother me. Probably some people. I parked my car on an outside garage just across the street. This was a good decision on my part which we’ll find out later.

After I got comfortable with my room and put everything away, I went to get my badge. The line wasn’t long. They just made everyone go the long way inside the convention in case it rained. Not long after I was inside, it rained.

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