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Displaced, misplaced, replaced, emplaced… or the right place. Welcome.

This is a temporary post for this new blog. I’m StupidSystemus (aka Stupid_Systemus). My main blogging platform is on Xanga, but the future of the site is up in the air. Not sure if the fundraiser goal is met in less than 10 days. Maybe the owners will take what was raised and go ahead with migrating the site to WordPress in a limited format than originally intended. Nobody knows.

“No matter how hard we try, some good things never last” is an exerpt from a Barbra Streisand song. It summarizes my feelings about Xanga and the mood I drift into from time to time. Feelings aside, this blog will be an eclectic source of entertainment from movies, TV shows, games, music, cartoons, Anime and my life. From time to time, I’ll opine on current events (news, politics, celebrities, etc.), serious/controversial topics and others.

Stay tuned.

For the time being, check out where you can find me:

I’m done.


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4 responses to “Hi Y’all!

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  1. It’s weird. WP seems like a refugee camp for Xangans!

  2. Welcome to WordPress. I was grannys_place on Xanga-name is Ruth.


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