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My original list was published on Xanga and on Blogger on June 18th, 2009. Now I’ve created another page for it here on WordPress on April 5th, 2015. The current list has been modified and updated. I’ll be linking posts that directly reference what I’ve done. New updates will link here in WordPress. (Work in Progress)

Inspired to come up with my own list because of the “Bucket List” and “101 Things to do before you die” Completed = 50

  1. Meet your idols
  2. Finish a 2-pound (or more) steak in one sitting (also here)
  3. Have a star named after me
  4. Improve playing piano and guitar
  5. Sleep with no worries
  6. Run a marathon or half of it
  7. Travel/Visit Japan, China, Australia and other countries, not just the airport
  8. Meet someone new and have a great conversation
  9. Have many, many days were everything just works out the way you wanted
  10. Attend a concert (not the last time)
  11. Road trip
  12. Buy a car
  13. Buy a house
  14. Take dancing lessons
  15. Build an igloo
  16. Perform onstage (won’t be the last)
  17. Sing a solo in front of people (won’t be the last)
  18. Learn a new language
  19. Entertain people (won’t be the last)
  20. Have a painting of yourself
  21. Fishing
  22. Scuba diving
  23. Be at peace
  24. Getting your photo recognized by an establishment (2015_04_14 – Standford Grill reposted my photo of their Porterhouse and Mac&Cheese).
  25. Be in a movie/TV show
  26. Audition for anything I know I can do (will continue to do this when the occasion arises)
  27. Helicopter ride
  28. Save someone’s life Thinking of something else to put here
  29. Fall in love
  30. Ride a motorcycle (still going to do this)
  31. Travel/Visit Northern places I haven’t been to (Alaska, Quebec, etc) (also here)
  32. Learn to play a song in the guitar (There’s been a bunch)
  33. Visit the Great Wall of China
  34. Go camping
  35. Win the lottery at least a little price
  36. Write a short story (still going to do this)
  37. Take great photos of anything/something/anyone/etc (will always keep trying)
  38. Scream out loud to the top of my lungs with no worries
  39. Own a motorcycle
  40. Learn to hula-hoop – (Early Jan 2013)
  41. Push-Up Challenge
  42. Visit Harry Potter Theme park
  43. Rock Climbing (also here)
  44. Learn to let go
  45. Get drunk
  46. Make people laugh (still doing this)
  47. Reunion with at least one of my elementary school classmates again
  48. Attend my high school reunion (2013-08)
  49. Make my family proud of me (will continue to do it)
  50. Learn to live by myself
  51. Make an inspiring work of art
  52. Make an anime music video, comic series, etc.
  53. Learn to cook (not just eggs, noodles and spam)
  54. Make someone cry (a happy cry)
  55. Be confident and assertive
  56. Start a trend online
  57. Travel to places I’ve been to before except this time it’s not being rushed
  58. Complete unfinished games I’ve forgotten or abandoned (Doing this a lot lately)
  59. Go on a cruise (also here)
  60. Do more volunteer/charity work
  61. Ride a black hard-top 4-door ’67 Chevy Impala or something similar
  62. Be healthy (still doing this)
  63. Be a part of “Improve Everywhere” or any group doing their thing
  64. Go to videogame conventions and other anime conventions (still doing this)
  65. Learn to properly swim
  66. Have a bath in the bathtub with bath soaps… the whole works
  67. Travel by myself
  68. 1 year Sabbatical to do anything
  69. Watch a comet pass by
  70. See a shooting star
  71. Watch a total eclipse
  72. Watch the stars on a clear night sky (still going to do this)
  73. Ride a horse
  74. Continue to have vacation with the entire family
  75. Make amends to everything that needs to
  76. Be an audience member to any shows
  77. See the following animals in person: panda, koala, giraffe, kangaroo, many more
  78. Ask someone to dance with (still want to do this)
  79. Watch a football game, tennis game, soccer game, etc
  80. Relearn roller-blades
  81. Learn to take a complement
  82. Be someone’s mentor
  83. Celebrate birthday with true friends
  84. Ask someone to go on a date
  85. Make a fool of yourself by random
  86. Overcome fear of failure
  87. Drive a convertible
  88. Reflect on your greatest weakness, and realize how it is your greatest strength
  89. Learn to ski or snowboard
  90. Crowd surf
  91. Driving without getting stuck in traffic at all
  92. Mountain hiking (still going to do this)
  93. Ice skating (will do more)
  94. Thrill Ride
  95. Actually go clubbing
  96. See the pyramids in Egypt
  97. Stay in the jungle for at least one day
  98. Be able to laugh uncontrollably (still want to do this)
  99. Stop making excuses
  100. Say the magic words when you really mean it Putting something less cheesy
  101. Be Happy 🙂

Posted April 5, 2015 by StupidSystemus

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